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It has been a long time since I have seen President Trump speak with such passion and determination. But today, at the base of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, he showed the world, Americans and the Leftist Deep State, that he is not only in control, but in the saddle and ready to ride again. And it is NOT into the sunset.

President Trump is back in charge and has climbed the mountain to greatness. 

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Back on October 4th 2018, VP Mike Pence delivered a speech that, in my opinion, changed the world. I doubt that the outcome was what was expected, but, in retrospect, we should have been wiser to the impact that this speech had on President Xi of China. Xi does not play by Queensberry Rules

It is my belief that President Trump expected a response but did not expect the way in which China would respond. A virus was a rather diabolical way of " putting him in his place. " 

Because a crooked cop put his knee on the neck of a drug dealing thug , because China unleashed a virus on the western world, the Chinese Communist Party has put its boot on the neck of Hong Kong and no one seems to give a shit. In fact, China has put its knee on all of us and our silence is being won by suffocation. Our voices are being silenced by the jackboot of Communist China. 

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As the saying goes, the announcement of the new Made in Australia logo is moronic. For my American and Kiwi readers, the saying " Someone has a 'Roo loose in the top paddock " means someone is completely stupid, intellectually impaired and downright dumb. 

Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council made the decision to rebrand the logo from the iconic Kangaroo in green and gold to an abstract depiction of a wattle which looks more like a user friendly version of the Wuflu Virus.  Is Australia now claiming the corona virus as it's National emblem? Probably not surprising seeing as most everything here is made in China so why not call a spade a spade....?!

Oh, by the way, the National Brand Advisory Board WAS SET UP BY MALCOLM TURNBULL.

If that isn't enough, it cost $10 MILLION to create. 

 $10 million to get a stylised corona virus and pay some kid to sprinkle glitter over it? Yep, that sounds like Malcolm Turnbull. 

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 It has finally hit home  the terrible change that has  been inflicted upon us.     How long is it since  the local shopping mall was visited,    when did you last have a professional haircut?     When did you  last try on a new     pair of slacks or a pretty top?    Did you cancel your last dental appointment or you skin cancer check?
 All the things that were normally part of your routine  have been altered.   On line purchases  are the  order of the day , we are expert at that type of  buying  now.   
 I know things have been eased off and restrictions have been   lifted but I have spoken to people in the   older age bracket and some have said they  don't think they  will ever go to the big shopping malls again.   The lockdown and  restrictive life has made them feel unsure , taken their  confidence away.    They  feel depressed and unhappy.   What a disaster that so many feel this way.

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I read it all the time here in Aussie – people who think we have an unhealthy obsession with all things American and all things Trump. It seems strange to me that people here have no idea why it is so important for us to know what is happening in a country so far away from us geographically. So here are some annoying things called facts that may make you see why it matters VERY much what happens if the land of the free becomes enslaved by the current Marxist takeover bid by the democrats.

If the Trump Presidency is sabotaged, then we are going to be sitting ducks to China.

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As the war on white privilege seems to be going from insane to dangerously insane, I cannot help but cast my mind back to my white privilege as a child growing up in the 1950's and 60's in rural New Zealand. We were not a poor white family: my Dad had a job and we had a comfortable and clean home. 

Our household probably didn't receive much more income than our neighbours but there was a fundamental difference between me and the neighbours kids - my parents didn't smoke, drink or gamble. I knew kids who had their Dad bring home his paypacket, head off to the pub for the " 6 o'clock swill " ( Kiwi term for the fact that pubs closed at 6 pm ) over to the betting shop and into the tobacconist for some roll your own tobacco or cigarettes. And then return home and the kids would go hungry unless my mother fed them. 

My Dad didn't do that. He came home with pay packet intact and played with us in the backyard or read us a story. 

My white privilege was the fact that I was born in to a warm family relationship and that has served me well throughout my life.

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The Fourteenth Amendment – on June 13, 1868, the American Constitution was amended to grant Citizenship and Equal Rights – both Civil and Legal – to the African Americans and freed slaves following the end of the American Civil War. It was adopted on July 9th of the same year.

In my opinion it is one of the most important parts of the American Constitution and one that could come to play a major role in the coming months.

Here’s why:

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When our minds send us to a desert and there is no way out.

I have a friend who told me about an acqaintence whose wife suffers from dementia. It is true that he also suffers from dementia. Not that he has it but he suffers from it. Make no mistake – when a loved one has dementia, EVERYONE AROUND THEM SUFFERS FROM DEMENTIA.

That alert and bright mind that you admired; that bright spark of brilliance that you applaud and celebrate – all gone.

While the mind of the dementia sufferer wanders in a desert that has no way out, the loved ones also live in that desert and have no way out, unless they abandon their loved one in the desert of being lost.

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Theodore Roosevelt – one of the latest statues to be vilified. A man who refused to shoot a bear cub and whose act of kindness gave birth to one of the favourite companions of children all over the world : the Teddy Bear. A man who led the cause of Conservation of Natural resources; a man who was a Conservationist and helped create the Forest Service ; a man who mediated between the workers and the employers to create a “ Square Deal “ ; a man who oversaw the construction of the Panama Canal; a man who lost Government as a Republican to Woodrow Wilson , a democrat who was staunchly opposed to the reform and promotion of Social Welfare.

In fact, Roosevelt was a man who never toed the Party line and never stopped fighting for Social Justice. A fiercely loyal patriot, his goal seemed to be one of Nationhood and Equality for all.

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Back in 1904, HG Wells wrote a short story about a man who stumbled into a forgotten kingdom where everyone was blind. He thought that would give him incredible power because he possessed something that they did not. The ability to see.

He soon learned that his gift of sight was seen by the villagers as an affliction of the brain that must be caused by two things on his head that he called eyes. They pitied him and, instead of being a gift, the eyes were perceived as a curse, an illness and a disturbance of his brain.

It did not take long before the man realised that, when surrounded by the blindness of ignorance, knowledge itself was an enemy to be ousted and eradicated.

How many of us today feel as though we have stumbled into a land of the blind and our ability to see is regarded as an evil affliction to be stamped and cut out?

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from Pepperpete. Thank you. 

The slave mentality is still very much among us. A class of people have emerged who believe that they only have to put in minimal work effort while expecting the ‘master’ (government) to take care of them. As more and more people become addicted to entitlements, they become more apathetic and less likely to work for what they need. 

The mentality of the Slave is actually enslaving them and they are embracing their slavery through ideology.

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