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Daniel Andrews must be brought back in to the fold or Victoria will  single handedly be responsible for destroying the Federation that is Australia.

It staggers me that the State named after Queen Victoria and whose Capital City is named after her trusted friend and advisor, Lord Melbourne, the then Prime Minister of Great Britain, should share their names with such a plot to overthrow Australia. If Greta wants an " how dare you ' moment, this would have been it. How dare he betray every Australian for personal gain and fame in a Communist ruled oppressive Nation that stands for everything that is NOT AUSTRALIAN.

It seems to me that we have too many Australians who are Australian in name only. They march to the Red flag of Communism, promoting the green idealogy of renewables all in the name of the allure of the Gold that is money.

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My last visitors I carefully placed 6 feet apart and  there were no hugs hello we sat like good little children obeying the rules.  A nice visit but very restained...  that was the  plan followed for visitors.   
But yesterday , I, Redhead,  got a telephone call from a dear friend of mine,    originally and still is a  friend of my two sons.    He said I am up your way , okay if I call in?    Sure , see you for afternoon tea.    What a welcome we looked at each other and a  big hug was given and received.    If the "no contact"  is still in place it wasn't yesterday afternoon.     It put a new feeling back that hadn't been there for over 3 months.   It felt normal , it felt free .  We have been so restrained and guarded that relationships have suffered and in consequence we have suffered such withdrawal. 

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In 2015 . Lord Christopher Monkton gave a speech. Little did we know how prophetic it would become.

Tony Abbott was rolled by Malcolm Turnbull and the left, the UN and the real " Powers that be "  went after his blood. It is frightening that things are changing in our world and in our country at such an alarming rate of knots. Good People, like President Trump, are being targetted and are in danger of being defeated because they DARE to stand up against this tidal wave of leftist scum that so pervades our planet. This virus that has infected our world is far worse than many believe it to be. It is part of an attempt to quash what little Liberty we have left.. and if we are not very careful, it will win.

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I just watched a thought provoking interview with Chris Smith on Channel 83 on Australian free to air network. He was talking about this problem we now face, where people around the world are frightened to come out of lockdown because they fear dying. He was interviewing Psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed who suggested that many people these days have never confronted death and are frightened of it.  Tanveer said that many of us have never had death as part of our lives and, therefore, are ill equipped to handle it.

I found myself pressing pause on my TV and trying to consider what I just heard. It was one of those lightbulb moments. China is going to frighten us to death.

But more worryingly, they have just given us a glimpse into the future if we do not do as we are told. By China. And, if we do not do as we are told, China will kill us anyway. 

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Yesterday, I had the misfortune to catch a video clip of " the bitch from across the ditch " - Princess Cindy aka Jacinda Ardern, aka the Saviour of Socialism aka Mrs Ed - giving an interview on TV when an earthquake rumbled through Wellington, New Zealand's Capital.

Apparently, this footage is being hailed by the leftie luvvies as a triumph that illustrates her steady strength in times of adversity. Please, spare me the rhetoric! New Zealand is known as " The Shaky Isles " and any self respecting Kiwi (apart from those who survived the Christchurch wobble that was not the norm ) - can attest to the fact that wobbles are a fact of life in Kiwiland and it is NOT a feat of great strength and courage but merely life as usual in New Zealand.

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This Chinese Virus, Wuflu, Coffin Flu, this Fear Flu has changed our lives for the foreseeable future. Lives have been turned upside down. Businesses destroyed. Our entire worlds have been stripped of touch, tactile and temptation.

We are no longer able to hug our loved ones. No longer able to embrace our friends, wrap our arms around someone in comfort and heartfelt love.

Love is expressly forbidden, should it be displayed physically.

Unless it is about that special love that relates to pedophilia or that other fake love called prostitution, in which case the world is your oyster.  It seems that the expression of decency is verboten and sex is fine but hugs are banned.

Get your head around that.

Brothels are opening up but you can’t hug your Granny.

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I wrote this some days ago and have been too frightened to submit it for publication. Will I sound like a headcase? A nutter? And then I thought: isn’t this what this site is all about? Freedom to express my thoughts and opinions? So here I go with my Q theory and you never know; maybe, just maybe Q will let me know if I am on the right track. Or even Prayingmedic… to those of you who do not follow Q, maybe you are better off to skip this article and or, better still, open your minds and give it a go.

I am going out on a limb here. Is it possible that this Chinese Virus feeds on fear and that it attacks our body’s ability to react to that fear.. through the production of adrenalin? Lack of Zinc?

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As is so often the case these days, we sign up to contracts and agreements which require us to provide credit card details or authority to direct debit our bank accounts. Every few years, the credit card details need updating. 

And so it was, this morning that my Mum, Redhead, valiantly attempted to renew her card details by phoning her internet provider, TPG, and prepared herself for the normal " your call is important to us " stuff and, with luck and a fair wind, get through to someone before the card came up for expiry again a few years down the track.

And that is when it got interesting.

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In Adelaide, Australia, a woman who had spent her 54 years of life trapped in a body that would not “ do as it was told “ because she had cerebral palsy, died. No, she did not die from cerebral palsy but from neglect. Yes, neglect. Despite being under the CARE of the Government funded National Disability Insurance Scheme, she died – alone, in a chair from which she had not moved in a year, with little food, no refrigerator, no toilet facility… and a Government funded “ carer “ had been looking after her.

When the Police found her, she was literally rotting. She was almost glued to the chair, suffering from pressure sores septic shock, multiple organ failure and malnutrition.

She was immediately sent to hospital where she died the next day.

The horror of this story is that she was under Federal Government Care.

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There is an ever increasing number of sad stories coming out about how the 70 plus are being treated.     Is it a campaign to get them out of the way,   so that the more conservative members of the population are either locked up and only allowed to go outside at certain hours   to make sure that they become more quickly senile. Then the Leftie Luvies will  vote with their sick minds and place yet another idiot in power .  Is what what they hope to achieve all over the world.

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We all know the fear of the axe. Older people remember well chopping wood ready for winter and the hard work it takes to chop the firewood that fuels the fire that keeps us warm in the long winter months.

We never needed to be told to be careful. We just knew. It was instinctive.

Some years ago, I watched a short video of a kid with an axe. It took me a few goes before I could watch it. I held back from the screen; I retreated and felt so horrified at what I was seeing that I could not bear to watch any more.

Eventually, I bit the bullet and watched through the entire 2 minutes. And it took a hell of a lot of courage to do so.

It made me cringe, draw breath and gasp. It was awful Yet, nothing in it was awful. It was my anticipation of what was coming that frightened me. I feared what would happen next.

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