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 A killer who abducted, raped and murdered a 12 year old girl wants parole. If this monster is granted freedom, there will be no justice. This child had her life stolen and it seems the very least that can happen is that the scum who stole that life should never have freedom again. 
In 1987 I was a parent living in the quiet coastal town of Noosa in Queensland Australia. My daughter was one of the many friends of a young lass named Sian. The girls were 12 years old. Living in a rather wonderful and idyllic place in a rather wonderful and idyllic part of Australia.
One day, in December 1987, our lives changed forever. Sian went missing. She had been on her pushbike and was riding home. Pretty, blonde, happy and kind. She disappeared.
Days went by. And we, as parents, worried, consoled our daughters and thanked God it was not our young child who was missing.
Eventually, the tragic news reached us. Sian was found in Timbeerwah Forest out of Noosa. Raped and murdered by Barry Watts and Valmai Beck.
I was at the courthouse the day that these monsters arrived in Noosa to face their charges. There were hundreds of us.
As they left the police vehicle, we fell silent. Not a word. We stood in shock, in horror, to see the two people who had so horrifically ended Sian's life.
I said afterward that, if one of us had yelled " kill them " we would have descended on them like  plague of locusts and destroyed them, limb from limb.
But we did not.
We stood, silent. Not a murmur. Not a word.
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 Valmae Bech died in prison back in 2008. My only thought at that time was that she had lived longer than she deserved. 

Barrie Watts is still drawing breath and now seeks to be paroled and let " free, " My feeling of horror that this is even being considered is profound.


State Member for Ninderry Dan Purdie expressed anger at Watt's plea and said it sent 'a shockwave through my community, police and Sian's family.'

'All – including her parents who I spoke to again this morning – have grave concerns for the persons living in any community in which Barrie Watts may be released into,' the Courier Mail reported. 

Mr Purdie said Watts deserved to serve his entire life sentence in prison. 

'If Watts is given parole, what precedent would this set? How many others child killers would be released while they still represent an unacceptable risk to the community?' he said.  

The Morcombe family have thrown their support behind Sian's family after their 13-year-old son Daniel was murdered and abducted in 2003 by Brett Cowan.  

Denise Morcombe tweeted on Thursday calling for the Queensland Parole board to not free Watt's from prison.    

'You cannot be serious QLD Parole Board even thinking about letting Barrie Watts out – the child killer!' Mrs Morcombe wrote.

'The Kingi and Morcombe families say NO NOT EVER.'

There are many of us around the country who share their feelings and while we cannot presume to comprehend their loss and pain , we can share their anger. 

The entire judicial system in the western world is broken. 

Murdering thugs are treated with compassion and understanding and the plight of the victim and his or her family is swept under the carpet. 

When I heard of the adoration being given to George Floyd in America I shake my head in disbelief. 

 If Barrie Watts is granted parole, what little faith I have in the judicial system will be utterly destroyed. 




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