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I read an article on  ( shudder ) ABC this morning. I don’t normally go any where near that viper pit of leftist lunacy but I received an email from a friend who felt that I should read this particular article.

Well, as I said to him, it made my blood boil with anger.

What kind of country have we turned into?



The gist of it was that a 93 year old lady in Tasmania has been approved for home care, so that she can continue living in her home and receive the assistance she needs to preserve her independence and dignity. She admits to needing a bit of a helping hand with showering and cooking.

But it seems that she could be in for an 18 month wait to get the help she needs. I do not wish to sound like the devil’s advocate, but, should she take a tumble in the shower in the 18 months, she could be “ off their books “ by the time her place in the queue has come to fruition.

This is a National disgrace.

How has Australia become so bogged down with demands on the health sector that it cannot provide the care that has been approved and is so desperately needed?

It is not enough that the woman probably struggles with paying her electricity bill. It is not enough that the cost of everyday living has sky rocketed out of all proportion and it is not enough that she had to admit to herself and others that life has become difficult. She has had accept the unavoidable act of aging.

She now, having accepted her frailty, her vulnerability and her diminished physical ability, has to bloody wait for EIGHTEEN MONTHS to get some help.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Lakemba, a migrant/ refugee is paid a disability pension and his 4 wives and 16 children are housed and looked after, courtesy of the Australian taxpayer.


This woman’s taxpayer dollar – whether it be from her or her husband’s hard yakka over decades – is pledged to a foreigner with no history of vested interest or commitment to this once great Nation of Australia, is stealing her ENTITLEMENT to assistance. Such is the state of this Great Southern Land.

Our well intentioned Prime Minister is giving away millions of dollars , taxpayer dollars, your dollars, my dollars, to help some other country fight an ocean that is NOT rising, not swallowing them in to the depths of the despair or a watery grave.

All to the detriment of the Aussie battler, the Aussie Patriot, the Aussie Citizen… what the hell is wrong with this country?

Can someone, anyone, explain why a man with four wives and 16 kids , who hates me, my Religion and my values is more deserving of my help than this Australian Lady who needs our help? Why a person from another country is more deserving of a handout for what is – in my humble opinion – nothing more than blackmail, guilt money and a way to keep the Leftie luvvies at bay – why should they get help at the expense of this person?  Why?

I will tell you why. For the same reason that firms like Bunnings and Coles abandon their customers because Alan Jones used Aussie slang to tell Jacinda Ardern that she should keep quiet. Because some loud mouthed social justice warrior has demanded it be so.

Therein lies the problem.

Until we stop this bullshit of letting the vocal minority dictate our sense of right and wrong; our sense of prioritising who should receive our help before anyone else does; until we accept that we are being manipulated by those WITH NO VESTED INTEREST IN OUR NATION OR ITS PEOPLE, we will continue to slide in to the gutter that is the modern world.

A world where unborn babies are treated as tumours, our elderly are treated as inconvenient nuisances and our children are treated as pawns to be brainwashed and terrified into submission to believing insane ideas and objectives …

That is not a world that any decent Australian should accept.

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