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Are they all interconnected? Were Canada and Australia set up back in 2015? 

Did the press have a role to play in the destruction of Tony Abbott in Australia and Stephen Harper in Canada? 

Was the overthrow of them part of a global domination takeover? 

The relentless character assassination? 

How could this happen? 

Did the hard left villify and destroy them? Let's face it. If you want to speak out against the " movement " and speak for the " will of the people " you are doomed these days. 

It is all about minority rights, climate change and global government, isn't it? 

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Brunch in the big city can be a dreadful bore. A mishmash of warmed-up food served at prime time Sunday is often used as a convenient way of reciprocating to those good people who have previously wined and dined you in generous fashion.
Perhaps these social butterflies feel you don't rate a decent dinner, or that they can't be bothered to prepare one.  Lunch is too much fuss and might spoil part of their afternoon.  And,  breakfast is out of the question because they sleep right through that. That leaves something between breakfast and lunch which is served at lunchtime, or later, and ruins the day for those who live normal lives and have plenty to do.
Brunch is a Sunday social where it seems fashionable to arrive late. The gentle folk somehow get there half asleep, bleary-eyed and fairly shimmering under a cloud of strong perfume, toothpaste and toilet water.

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Be careful of the snake in your bed, the spider in your mind, and the scorpion with the sting in its tail.

Fear is a powerful thing and I remember when I first learned that fear can actually, be manipulated. And it was a long time ago that I let fear rule my life. Unless it is fear of heights... but that is another story..... 

So let me tell you how it happened...

Wind the clock back. It was 1972 and I had inherited a small legacy, sufficient to buy a block of land or? 

A 50 cc motorbike and a trip to Australia. My goodness, how times have changed. That block of land would be out of my reach these days. 

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The great Democratic Party President Franklin Roosevelt famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

So why do the climate catastrophists – like the anti-nuclear energy crowd – use fear as their main tactic for browbeating an unwilling public into accepting their grotesque bans on natural gas, petroleum, and even nuclear energy (not to mention coal)?

The fear mongers used images to scare people into killing Eisenhower’s dream for the “peaceful uses of nuclear energy,” which died after Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Fear was the message in the 1959 anti-nuke film On the Beach and the 1964 LBJ “daisy ad” that killed the Goldwater campaign.

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George Orwell said “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

History should be written objectively as it occurred, and time alone should be the judge, not contemporary writers.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were well-known for stone-chiseling history. The incoming pharaoh would have the name and exploits of his predecessor chipped off the obelisks and walls, so that it was as if he never existed. It would have been difficult to actually re-write history, as chiseling into sandstone over obliterated cartouches, would have been an undisguisable task.

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When my daughter was little, we used to say that she was a Pollyanna. Always wanting to play the glad game. No matter how tough things were, she always tried to see the positive side of things. 

Her little face and cheerful smile would always lift our spirits and make us feel happy that we lived in a world with the joy of childhood laughter and a pair of little arms wrapped around our necks while she told us not to worry. " It would all be alright. " 

She is now approaching her 50th birthday and is still playing the glad game. She visited yesterday morning and I saw that same little girl who has rewarded life with love and generous dollops of kindness that she has sprinkled on all she knows since she first was introduced to me all those decades ago. 

Her own life is challenging, her home life is demanding and her incredible resilience is astounding. I put it down to her early introduction to Pollyanna. 

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For centuries, dogs have been regarded as indispensable allies in the ongoing battle against pests, particularly rats. Their keen senses, agility, and unwavering loyalty has made them invaluable assets in various fields, from agriculture to urban sanitation. 

Rat plagues have haunted our societies since who knows when. The Black Plague was spread by rats. Most children have heard the tale of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. 

We talk of " rats deserting sinking ships " and rats being used as euphemisms for liars and traitors. So today, I want to talk about rats. And the dogs who were bred to catch them. It makes me wonder who our modern day Jack Russell's and Fox Terriers will be.... 

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The Adelaide River Stakes is the name given to the mass exodus of people prior to and following the Japanese air-raid in Darwin on 19th February, 1942. Thanks mainly to an ill-informed statement by a former Governor General, Paul Hasluck, that it is a story full of shame for our national persona, but it is a myth.

The truth is that with much closer examination it was anything but a shameful episode in our most serious year of peril.

The propaganda disseminated by the government of the day was based on inadequate information, over-the-top censorship and a failure to take the population into its confidence. The faults lie with a succession of failed civilian and military administrations which, like the behaviour of most politicians, was a deliberate trail of cover-ups and refusal to admit fault.

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Wine snobs are a bore, don’t you think?

As a one-time food writer, I was often asked to suggest specific wines to go with this or that type of food.

The pretentiousness connected to that sort of business leaves me mostly confused. 

Predetermining the taste of an unopened bottle and matching it to a sauce yet to be savoured I leave to prophets and others who take delight in fooling none but themselves.

I expect such blatant heresy leaping from the chronicle of a food writer will send wine bores and budding oenophiles bolting to the nearest maison de vin for spiritual reaffirmation. The truth is, ever so few of us have the  well-tuned palate of a Master of Wine.

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This is the story of the story of Ireland's trailblazing seafarer – Grace O'Malley. She met with Queen Elizabeth I at Greenwich Palace. 

Grace O’Malley (a. 1530 - 1603) is one of the most famous pirates of all time. 

From the age of eleven, she forged a career in seafaring and piracy and was considered a fierce leader at sea and a shrewd politician on land.   

She successfully defended the independence of her territories at a time when much of Ireland fell under the English rule and is still considered today ‘the pirate queen of Ireland.’

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Back in 2016, millions, from throughout America and around the world, rejoiced when President Trump defeated the favourite, Hillary Clinton.

Millions more cried, screamed and raged tears of unfettered agony to learn that their beloved Hillary had lost the unlosable election.

We enjoyed 4 years of relative calm on the warfront and global economies seemed to prosper. Inflation was low and life was good. But along came the " pandemic. " 

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