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Some time ago, I watched a documentary about a man who, by being a spy, changed people's lives and, in turn, changed his own.

It began when he saw an advertisement in his newspaper that sought men between the ages of 80 and 90 to work for a 3 month job. The requirement was that the successful applicant had to be technically savvy and willing to deepen that knowledge. He would also have to live away from home for 3 months. 

A number of older gentlemen applied. One man was selected and his named was Sergio. 

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" The benefits of government can vary depending on the specific form of government and its effectiveness. Here are some general benefits associated with well-functioning governments:"

And therein lies the rub: what is a well functioning government? 

What makes it the thing that we will vote for, support and defend? 

What makes us actually WANT a government? To pay taxes? To be brow beaten?  Seriously, why do we have a government? 

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Have our Governments become backseat drivers in our lives? Telling us what to do? To Think?  To Act? 

They have changed the measure of our world. 

We call it the Nanny State, but aren't they just an annoying and dangerous voice in our ears who, quite frankly, we can do without? 

Let's face it, all they do is sow seeds of doubt and fear in our minds. It is as if that is their purpose: to make us too nervous or frightened to act or react. 

Fear is a great weapon. 

A commenter on our blog, Old Bushie said this: 

" They are selling lies ...They are selling illusions. They are selling dancing nurses to mask murder. Selling lies and people are buying the lies." 

At the end of the day , it is the measure of our souls we should be concerned about. Because the measure of our souls has overstepped the order of our souls and a foot is now a jack boot. So here we go into Shaydee's deep dive into what is happening around the world. The so called leaders have crossed the line.  They have overstepped the order of the soul and . like it or not, our leaders have overstepped the mark 

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On 7 May 2023, Charles Windsor was crowned King Charles III of England and its dominions with the crown of St Edward the Confessor, made for the coronation of Charles Stuart, King Charles II in 1661, following the Restoration.

The history of Charles II makes the St Edward Crown hardly fit to be at the centre of all the religious pomp and ceremony displayed.


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The Battle of the Coral Sea is regarded by some as the action that saved Australia in WW2. That is an over-simplistic view in my opinion. It was certainly a major factor in turning the tide against Japan but it was one of a conglomerate of successful campaigns which, together, stopped their advance in the Pacific. 

The battle was fought between the 4th and 8th May, 1942. It was the first sea battle between forces built around aircraft carriers and fought by aircraft rather than ships.

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I remember when I arrived in Australia,  all those decades ago, I had an accent that I would chuckle at today.

Now I speak with an accent that is proudly Australian.

I was a kid from Europe whose parents barely spoke English.  We were almost like kids that had been adopted by parents that we did not know and did not understand. 

And I learned ballroom dancing

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In 1984, our family was adopted by a cat named Billy. He was a tiny little 8 week old kitten who entered our lives with a soft meow and impacted upon us with a great roar.

We had previously enjoyed the company of a gracious young Cornish Rex who, in human terms, was named Tripitaka. 

Tripi was a white Cornish Rex with huge ears and resembled the monk from the famed television series " Monkey " from Japan.

The family has long ago grown up. But the memory remains.

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When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Nurse. I had read a book about a woman who went to Nepal and she was a Mountain Nurse travelling on horse back, yak back or donkey back and she delivered hope, health and help to those poor people in need of her care.
I decided that I wanted to be a Nurse and, like my heroine, Florence Nightingale, heal people and make them better. I felt that all people who were unwell deserved someone to care for them and make them feel better. 
As a small child, it seemed very reasonable to assume that if someone got sick, a Nurse could make them better and everyone would have a nice day. My late Dad found my opinion very amusing and dubbed me " Nurse Nice Day. "

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No, I don’t believe for a split second that suddenly, college students all over America really care about the plight of the Palestinians. I don’t believe this anymore than, a few years ago, people around the globe were suddenly concerned about the plight of Black Americans when they marched for BLM. Not a chance. Instead, this is just the latest manifestation of raging against the machine, of standing up to “the man.”

As expressed by Khymani James, one of the Columbia University anti-Israel protest leaders who is Black and identifies as trans, non-binary, and queer, just as, in the past, Haitian revolutionaries had to “kill their masters in order to gain their independence,” it’s the same with Hamas and the Palestinian people today. They, too, must kill their white supremacist masters.

And, he adds, “What is a Zionist? A white supremacist.”

That about sums it up.

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More than anyone else in history, Karl Marx exemplified trying to fix the world while neglecting to clean one's own room first.

As I make my way through Paul Kengor’s wonderful book The Devil and Karl Marx, numerous things stand out about the father of communism. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s hard to imagine a more wretched human being than Karl Marx.

It was almost as if all of the worst traits of humanity were bundled into this one spiteful man, who then constructed a philosophy based on his own bitterness and self-loathing.

He was lazy but greedy, always begging for money from family and friends who feared for his happiness and sanity. Marx didn’t seem to notice or care. They were simply a means to an end for him. He was so self-centered one wonders if he was on the spectrum. His lechery and drunkenness are well chronicled. But what really struck me is that Marx was a total slob.

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Each war seems to produce its own under-appreciated heroes who, for reasons that have nothing to do with their courage, competence or devotion to duty, are by-passed for promotion or otherwise demoted.

In the Boer War it was Breaker Morant, in WW2 it was Brig Arnold Potts and in more recent days Cpl Ben Roberts-Smith. In WW1 it was Brigadier General Elliott, otherwise known as “Pompey”. Elliott was one of the most direct and forceful brigade commanders in the Australian Army. 

Loved and admired by the troops he commanded because they knew that he would never ask them to perform tasks that he was not willing and able to carry out himself. He was an outspoken critic of the British Army higher command and of the Australian as well when they deserved it. His belligerence and refusal to kow-tow to British higher authority was the seed of his undoing. He clashed with Kitchener, Haig and Birdwood and the fact that he was usually proved right, probably carried more weight against him that his insubordination.

Pompey Elliott was born in an era when Australia seemed to have an endless supply of natural leaders, adventurous explorers and trail blazers, innovative business people and an inborn ethic that gave precedence to common sense.

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