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Some time ago , Raymond F Peters passed from this life into a new realm. One that embraces his love of life, decency and all that is worthwhile.  He retired from writing not too long ago and here we have the recognition of Shaydee's father passing. 

I had not intended to ever post this. But it just feels right. 

This dear man gave so much and asked for so little. He used to say that all he wanted was a bit of love and tenderness. Which he received in spades from his family.

He wrote here and his words were those of wisdom, insight and passionate belief in all that is good and worthy.  He was and will always be a man… a MAN.

Raymond F Peters was pure male. He was your father, your brother, your cousin, your Uncle and your SELF. He stood for all decent men and all men who cared about their wives, daughters and female relatives. He cared about men and the young men who would come after him.


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