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As it sinks in that the age of Trump has passed and the new day of Biden and Harris has arrived, I feel such a deep sense of loss. I tried to fathom how this happened and all I could think of was what happened to Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen all those years ago.

I remember his loss back in 1987. I was at home and the news of his defeat came through on the radio, I cried. I could not help but think that the Queensland I loved would never be the same. And it was a fear that has been sadly well-founded.

No matter what your political affiliation or personal view of Sir Joh was, he could never be accused of being naive when it came to seeing the MSM for what it was. He regarded his media interviews as " feeding the chooks " and he sprinkled enough popcorn to keep them happily pecking for days as they spouted outrage at his unorthodox behaviour and his treatment of them was viewed as contemptuous. Sir Joh never really disputed that accusation because, to him, they were contemptuous and sought only to bring him down and install a leftist regime. 

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