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The British government is funding leftist activist organizations that are lobbying against the government's own policies.

Fourteen years in government and what have the British Conservative Party got to show for it? The highest tax burden since World War II, radical anti-freedom green policies, and critical race and gender theory being applied throughout all institutions.

Some simply blame this all on government incompetence. Others doubt the politicians actually believe what they’re advocating and suspect they are just doing it to appease special-interest groups. While these may play a part in it, one largely overlooked factor is that the British government itself is funding left-wing activism.

They don’t call it that, of course, but that’s what’s effectively happening. The way it works is that leftist organizations identify as charities—which are really a trojan horse for radical leftist lobbying. The idea of a charity creates the image of a kind old lady selling cookies to raise money for cancer research, so the government gives them public money for their efforts. However, the reality is that these organizations are lobbying for a restriction of freedom and state expansion, and they are taking millions of pounds out of the taxpayer’s pocket to fund their campaigning.

There are well over 100,000 of these organizations, with the sector having grown 27% over the past decade. Activism has transformed from altruistic volunteering for little to no pay to a high-status profession with a fat paycheck.

Alongside large government grants, these organizations are largely financially propped up by other similar organizations which also receive large government grants, causing the funding of these organizations to look like a spider web with all threads eventually leading to the government. It’s like the conspiracy theorist meme—except this is actually happening.

Enabled by this funding, these organizations are able to pressure the government, influence the media, and promote their viewpoint in the workforce and educational institutions.

One example of this is the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, a collaboration of several dozen health organizations which has received £110 million from the British government since 2017. At the expense of taxpayers, the alliance has called for climate reparations and collaborated with the extremist climate group Extinction Rebellion. They have also been involved with public disturbances such as blocking roads to demand an end to fossil fuel use.

Another example of a state-funded activist group is Stonewall, the UK’s largest LGBT charity, which has made statements that “some lesbians have penises,” and “children as young as 2 recognise their trans identity.” Stonewall is deep rooted within the British state: from the millions of pounds they receive in government grants to the hundreds of public-sector organizations which are advised by Stonewall.

The thousands of organizations like these have made it very difficult to shift policy in a different direction. Regardless of whoever is in government, the juggernaut of leftist policies are unstoppable unless real institutional change is made to stop these activist organizations from receiving government money.

Jess Gill
Jess Gill

Jess Gill is the Communications and Social Manager for Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) and a Hazlitt Fellow with the Foundation for Economic Education.

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Þrídrangaviti is a remarkable lighthouse located on a remote rock in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Heimaey, the largest island in the Westman Islands archipelago, which is part of Iceland. This lighthouse is situated on the southwesternmost point of the archipelago and serves as a crucial navigational aid for ships in the area.

The Þrídrangaviti lighthouse is particularly unique because of its precarious location on top of a narrow, steep-sided rock pillar. The rock is only a few metres wide, making it a challenging spot for construction. The lighthouse was built in 1939 and stands at a height of approximately 23 meters (75 feet). The construction of the lighthouse was a remarkable feat of engineering, involving the use of scaffolding and ropes to transport materials and workers onto the rock pillar.

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It is time to wake up America.

In the midst of the insanity and uncertainty that has been 2023, we must not forget the things that matter from history. December 7th is a day to pause and reflect on those who fought and lost their lives in World War II so that we could voice our objections to the injustice that is going on at the moment.

It marks the day when America realised it could know longer sit on the sidelines and ignore the chaos and destruction that was going on in the world. I wonder if it is time to awaken that fighting spirit again?

The tragedy is, that, in fighting back, there is always a terrible price to pay for freedom. Particularly when the enemy is so much closer to home. 

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New Zealand’s Labour Government, which in 2020 introduced an extreme abortion law allowing de-facto abortion on demand for any reason up to birth, has been voted out of power.

New Zealand’s General Election was held on Saturday 14 October 2023; the Labour Party Leader Chris Hipkins has conceded that his party has lost the election in what has been described by one commentator as a “nightmare result” and a “bloodbath” for Labour.

Chris Hipkins took over leadership of the Labour Party after Jacinda Ardern resigned in January 2023.

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The MrBeast video serves as a powerful reminder of the potential pitfalls of raw democracy, which allows inter-group hostilities to supersede the rights of the individual.

In a recent

(see below), MrBeast, the most popular creator on YouTube, invited individuals ranging from 1 to 100 years old to participate in a series of games and activities. Each age had one representative who had to stay in a glass box to remain in the game. The goal was, through various tasks, to progressively eliminate participants until only one person remained, who would win a glorious prize of $500,000.

In one of these tasks, all the participants had to vote to eliminate ten of the players. This part of the game offered a thought-provoking analogy for how voters act in a democracy; reflecting how people vote for their own interests and form strategic alliances in order to do so.

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Sweden has thrown away the sacred renewables talisman and opened the escape valve from the Temple of WindySolar-Inc. They’ve done the obvious thing anyone worried about CO2 would have done in 1992 — aimed for nuclear.

They have switched their 100% “renewables” target by 2045 to a 100% fossil-free target. It’s still a pagan antipathy of the sixth element of the periodic table. But at least it’s a more pragmatic version.

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