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In November of last year, I launched Patriotrealm. It was a launch from frustration, anger, despair and hope that those of us who gave a damn could make a difference.

How much has changed in 9 months?

The time it takes to make a baby? The time it similarly takes to murder an unwanted child? The time it takes to destroy a life is the same time it takes to make one.

We are in the sluice room folks. And the windows are open, the forceps have been used and we are gasping for air. I am not sure if there are any comfort rugs or friendly arms to embrace us. I suspect that we are on our own and about to take our last breath. 

Unless we have the nurturing arms of each other and the warmth and comfort that will keep us safe.

Our lives depend upon each other. And we must stand united. 






I read an article I wrote - my first, when launching this site. It was long, really long. It was over 1000 words. Because of a wonderful lady, Juana from old Whaleoil, now TheBFD, I learned to keep my message short and my words valuable.

I, over the 9 months of my site's gestation, have learned not to make assumptions, blanket assertions or emotional accusations. I have learned to be honest and true, sincere and passionate and, most of all, to be succinct. When 5 words will do, why use 10?

So, in accordance with this well learned lesson, I say this: 

I do not want to be a Socialist or a Communist.

I do not want to be a Moslem. 

I do not want to be a transgender, homosexual or lesbian.

I want to be a heterosexual Christian who believes in God. 

I want to be able to talk about my past, my present and my future without fear of prosecution from my Government. 

I want to be able to say that climate change activists, vegan activists, alphabet activists and activists in general can be offended all they like but it is not my problem. Offended? Your problem, not mine.

I want to be me. How hard is that to understand?

Just because 2% of the population decides that WE are bad, does that make us bad? 

Apparently, according to our Governments, the answer is Yes.

If we are coughing and choking and cannot draw breath we will die.

We are coughing and choking on the putrid stench of communism, socialism and deceit that is invading us every day. No amount of eucalyptus will cleanse our lungs of this filth.

9 months ago, we were choking under oppression. Today we are suffocating under laws and fear. And it will all be put down to bloody climate change. Or intolerance. Diversity marginalisation. 

Bottom line? It is nothing to do with the climate, diversity, alphabet bullshit. It has everything to CHANGING OUR PERCEPTION OF NORMALITY.

Well, it sure as hell seems to be working because this world that I am living in is pretty buggered up. Read the old article and tell me: what has changed?

New Government, new year but absolutely bloody nothing new.

The same pair of socks wrapped up in last years Christmas paper, repackaged and they want us to get a surprise.

Well, put a sock in it and good on you for saying it Mr Alan Jones. 

Because it is time for our Politicians to put a sock in it, pull their socks up and put the bloody boot in.














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