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Last night, I watched a 2013 movie from Russia " Stalingrad" It was a subtitled movie not to be confused with others of the same name. Set in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, it focuses on 5 Russian soldiers defending a building against the German occupational forces.  I am a history buff. I have to say that of late I am watching many war movies and not so much enjoying them but learning from them

How have we had so many lessons delivered remotely and ignored them? How have we forgiven and had so much forgotten? Why is history being wiped from our young people's education?

Why? Is it because " they " want us to forget? 

When I watched this movie, I was struck by one thing: the 5 soldiers started fighting for the young woman they found sheltering in that bombed out, war ravaged, horrifically damaged building because the young woman was war ravaged and horrifically damaged. The girl gave them a focus: a FACE to the war that they were fighting. 

I wondered how the Russian People could ever trust a German again. I wondered how a Nation could forgive such a dreadful and monstrous destruction? When it ended I was left amazed that people could ever forget such cruelty and such an abomination against an entire country and its People? 



A few nights before,  I had watched a movie called " The Railway Man. " This was set on the Burma Railway. The sheer cold hearted determination to use Prisoners of War from Britain, Australia and elsewhere was something I could not comprehend. The Japanese were so .... cold. So lacking in compassion.  And I realised that I could sympathise with my late Grandmother and Uncles when they declared their hatred of the " Japs. "

The brutality of War is so profound and so visceral that I am left with no words to explain how I feel. Because how can I? I did not live through those times. 

Only those who LIVED and SURVIVED and EXPERIENCED the horror of  TORTURE, ABUSE and DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY have the RIGHT to speak of such despicable crimes.


We, as the so called " baby Boomers" are expendable in these Wuflu times. We have lived our lives, made our money, worked hard and now are under threat from a virus that bombs us without bombs, kills us without bullets and releases our money to those that feel that we have lived a life that destroyed " their " opportunity to get a clean and joyful planet. 

" You put your kids in daycare and ignore them for the sake of YOUR career, then they put you in an old age home and ignore you for the sake of THEIR careers. Children learn terrifyingly well. When we are old and alone we realize: money never did buy love. "

The People who built our Nations are dying. 

We have forgiven the Germans and the Japanese and we are now expected to forgive the Chinese.


Yet, in Australia, the Indigenous Australians never forgive? Indigenous People throughout the world want a continuum of apologies. Why? 


Which brings me to China.  There were no bombs, no destroyed buildings, no invading forces. Yet they have decimated our economies, destroyed our freedoms and killed off our way of life.

In my opinion, China needs to pay for what they have done to our Nations. And pay big. No, they did not destroy our buildings. But they have destroyed EVERYTHING ELSE.

They have destroyed our way of life. Our economies. Our sense of safety. our sense of well being. 


We MUST fight back,  sue them for War Crimes and seek reparations. 

This is China against the West and it ain't going to be pretty. 









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