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To try and translate my emotions into words is very difficult indeed. As a child of the bush and the heartland of Australia, I find it almost soul destroying to see what is happening to Australia and the heartland of America and other Nations around the world.

While I and my neighbours and friends try to do the right thing, those that do the wrong thing exploit, plunder and disrupt our once happy go lucky Nations and profit from their greed and selfish behaviour. These people marching and defying the Laws are irresponsible, shelfish and, quite frankly, unpatriotic. 

Some many months ago, I wrote an article for patriotrealm about the Great Divide. It was during the drought which still passes each day and is endured by thousands in the bush that is now forgotten, sidelined and not newsworthy. Months ago, the drought became second fiddle to the bushfires. And I could understand that, I truly could. Someone’s need was greater. At least the bushies still had their homes and their land, even though it is parched, dry and desperate for a drink.

The rains came to many – not all, but we felt great joy that some had found relief from the torture of seeing the animals die, their lives turned to dust and hopes and dreams shattered.

Many people tried to help – Mike Williams, Alan Jones, Bob and Pauline, many many good people trying to help the bush. And it was and still is gratefully received.

I no longer live in the bush. I only spent a small portion of my life there. But what I learned and GAINED there changed me forever.

I no longer take anything for granted.

A Doctor’s visit, a grocery order filled, a reliable power supply or something as simple as being able to make a telephone call. I learned to become self reliant. Always have something set aside. NEVER take anything for granted.

As this Virus attaches itself to our lives, like a parasitic plant that relies upon a tree for its very existence, I see something that worries me horribly.

The tree that is our Life is a weak tree. It is spineless, lacking in moral fibre, lacking in a firm rooting system, lacking in strength and hopeless in a storm.

Our Tree is top heavy and suffers from a malaise that sees it toppled at the first hint of a breeze.

We know that there is a storm coming. Not just a windy day, but a storm that will blow from the East and be relentless in its fury.

All of our gutsy, instinctive, generational power has been blown to the wind and consumed by BLM, the Greens, rowdy millenials and cowardly Politicians who dare not speak the name of that which we have held dear for centuries and fought for throughout the millennium:

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It is a bad word these days, isn’t it? Heaven forbid that you love your Country. 

Has 2020 become the year that the Truth has finally become obvious?

That multiculturalism, global integration, sitting around a camp fire and singing songs of love and generosity is finally exposed as a myth created to depose us as People of OUR Nation?

I have not written here for quite some time but I felt moved to just speak out and say today that it is time to go back to celebrating our love of ourselves and our way of life and our way of doing things.

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Cities could only be created because of the blood sweat and tears from the country people.

Now, we have city people breaching the borders and putting country folk at risk. 

Haven’t the country people endured enough? Drought, bushfires, animal activists and now they are coming for our healthy environments?

The Bush will save us. Or sink us. Think on that Canberra.

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