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Written by Mike Williams @theoztrucker - sincere thanks Mike for taking the time to write this great piece. 

I look at the state of our country, the changes, the political rubbish, the spin and I think no matter who we vote for we never get what we want or expect.

Look at the Brexit bullshit. They had a referendum. The majority voted to leave. The politicians haven’t carried out the will of the people.

Then the Americans finally do get a bloke in the Whitehouse that, love him or hate him, is actually doing what he said he would do and the left and MSM have done their level best to tear him down. They rip him every chance they get. They haven’t stopped crying for three years! There’s always another bombshell or tipping point or the walls closing in..... 

Now look at our country. We have homeless and poor. We have primary producers and communities suffering through a terrible drought. We have pensioners struggling to get by. Power bills going through the roof. Decline in public services. Everyone has an excuse. No one wants to take responsibility. 


I wish our politicians would do what they’re sworn to do. Place our country and the interests of our people first. It’s a simple thing.

I consider problems we face as a country and to me the answers are usually straight forward. Simple.

The people on the land are suffering. Yes our tax payer dollars are being spent but we’re not doing the sensible things. 

We’ve spent billions of dollars building desalination plants that have sat idle and require enormous amounts of electricity to run meanwhile we’re destroying base load electricity generation. We can’t raise the height of a dam wall. We’ve built no new water infrastructure in decades. The population, the demands on our infrastructure keep rising, but nothing is being built.

Surprise surprise we’re having trouble with water!


We allow corporate interests to own water and profit from its sale. Where is the sense in that?

I’ve always been a practical hands on person. I believe that most problems can be solved. 

There’s a quote I used to have on my office wall in another life.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I’m not very wise sometimes it seems. Sometimes I just don’t know the difference. 

When I heard Alan Jones on Sky talking about a conversation he had with a farmer from out Bourke way I pricked my ears up. I can normally listen to a story and go oh well, that’s unfortunate, and move on with my day.

Not this time.

I made my mind up I needed to do something. I didn’t expect what would happen next. I expected I would have my rant, I’d get to take a couple of loads of water out to a farm, that would be that.

It’s grown to something more than that now. There’s been support from people all over the place. My friends in media have been very supportive and that has made a huge difference.


We’re taking 500000 litres of donated water out to communities with donated equipment and the donated time of many individuals. 

Gilgandra was on the list but the council has done a wonderful thing and committed to supply their rate payers with water and transport free of charge to those in need. I applaud that decision. It means we can refocus and spend our limited resources in other places.

Now I hear today that the NSW government ministry is going out on a listening tour to find out what’s going on! I can tell them what’s going on! There’s a bloody drought going on! It’s been going on FOR YEARS! But now we’re listening! Give me strength!

I humbly offer the government my services to tell them it’s about time we need to build some water infrastructure and in the short term we need to cart some water to where it’s needed. It’s simple!

I’m doing it. Welcome to the party Gladys! Better late than never.

To donate to the cause click here.


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