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I read an article on Australian media this morning about an older Australian in Broome in a “ home “. This person had maggots in the mouth. Yes, maggots. Crawling, inside the mouth. Creeping out through the lips and this elderly person lay, unable to do a thing, and no one gave a damn.

Please read that sentence again. Over and over again.  Because that is you or your Mother or Father, somewhere, anywhere, in Australia or New Zealand under this set of caring Governments that we now “ enjoy. “

Well, I have had it. I have an older relative, and she – and  I  have determined  that there is no way on this earth that we will ever end up in a so called “ care “ facility. Because there is no care and it is just a facility that keeps bodies alive with no regard for the folk that reside within the failing bodies that they call “ themselves.”

I feel very strongly about this. Abuse of older people in care homes is rampant. They are not care homes. They are “ I don’t give a shit “ homes. I spoke with someone today who visited an older relative in “ care “ and the lady had not had a fresh nightie or a bath in a week. A week. A WEEK.

Their teeth may be absent but their mouths need oral hygiene. Because, as we have learned, maggots may thrive in a humid and bacteria ridden environment. Is this sounding objectionable to you? More objectionable than a bloke who put a video online about the mosque attack? If it is, it should.

What is objectionable is that older, decent people, Mothers and Fathers are being neglected and left to die with no dignity, no decency and no regard to what is right or proper. Our old are being treated no differently to unborn babies – just get rid of them and have another cup of coffee.


It is objectionable. It is wrong. It is without doubt one of the worst things that is happening in Australia. Around the world.

Maggots in a mouth. No place for words of anger. Outrage. OBJECTION. No. Aged “ care “ is a no go zone. Punt some money and let the poor old bastards just deal with what they get.

Well, I have had it with this crap about climate change and animal activists super gluing themselves to the streets of Brisbane.

How about you super glue yourself to a bed in an aged care facility and wait until someone changes your bedpan, gives you a bath or changes your linen? Try that and see how you get on. Because, chances are, you will lie there, superglued to the bed and the staff will not come, not bathe you, not hold your hand or applaud you. You will have maggots in your mouth and you will die.


Ain't that grand? They fight for climate change and ignore something that really matters?

Because, believe it or not, these older folk have their hands and mouths super glued SHUT.  No one listens to them.

What horrifies me the most is that they are there, alone, with no one who gives a damn about them. God help me if I ever ended up sent off to “ care. “Perhaps our young radical lefty American AOC was right when she talked about concentration camps. Only they were not refugee facilities in America. They are places that are death camps for the elderly in Australia.


If I ever get told I am going, against my wishes, to a “ care “ home, I would prefer a bottle of Bombay Gin and a lot of tablets. Because I would prefer suicide to murder.

Being young is glorious. But wait until you are old.  Make sure you have a bottle of Bombay Gin on hand when you get old dearies.



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