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What a shock I got when I read that Philip Arps was sentenced to 21 months inside the Big House for posting a video online after that day in NZ history that we will never forget or be allowed to forget.

Is he a bastard or an “ alt right “ crazy? Who is he? Do I care? No, not really. What I do care about is that that he was sent to prison for posting objectionable material on line.

What on earth is objectionable material?

To me, it is something like an episode of " My Little Pony"  with two lesbian ponies. I find that objectionable. Others do not. That is the way of a FREE Society.  We all have different tolerance levels, different measure sticks and different taste buds. Is a curry too hot? It depends on your taste buds.

Someone I know watched the verboten video – heaven forbid, it was not me. No, not for a second. I would never do something so terrible as watch a recorded terrorist attack. Hell, I watched the live broadcast of 9/11 which killed thousands… but that was OK. For some reason, that was OK. Why? Because, apparently, it was not objectionable. Funny that – 9/11 wasn’t objectionable but this Christchurch attack was…. Why? What is the difference? I have watched images of the liberation of the Nazi Death Camps but that is OK. Not Objectionable.

A guys gets sent to prison for putting a copy of a video up on the internet of something that killed 51 people, but something that killed millions is OK?

If someone can explain why this man is going to clink for doing something that is done EVERYDAY on the news – showing images of murder, violence, hatred and downright raw human savagery – who is the person that gets to decide that this is objectionable and something else is not?

According to Breitbart “ Soon after the attack, New Zealand’s Office of Film and Literature classified the video as “objectionable,” making it a criminal offense to possess, share, or host it. Those found guilty doing so can face up to 14 years in jail. “ So there you go. The Chief Censor of Kiwiland’s Film and Literature deemed the video offensive, after the fact, and this guy is off to the Big House.

Shame, shame shame and bloody shame.

What do you think that this decision will do to the once great little country at the bottom of the world that was known for sheep and is now known for Sheep? People who blindly follow and accept decisions made by the People in the Beehive – let’s face it – aptly named – a place for drones all working for a Queen Bee – this tiny Nation is now a no go place for people in the holiday mode. From reading the comments on the Breitbart thread, there are more than a few Americans who won’t be showing their faces in Aoteoroa in the future – for fear of coming for a holiday and staying rent free for a few years longer than they anticipated.


New Zealand is on a pathway that terrifies me actually. Kiwis will cease to exist and end up Moas. Extinct. Die off because they have been hunted down and their “ feathers” used as trophies for the leftist who seek their demise.

The wise Kiwi keeps his head to the ground, stays in the undergrowth and is rarely seen.

And that is what they want. Who are they? Ask Jacinda – chief Kiwi hunter and Moa Hunter. She is already gathering feathers for her next hijab.

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