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I don't think I am alone in saying I am fed up. 

Sick and tired of injustice, cruelty and the way no one seems to care about anything anymore.

Not the things that matter anyway. 

Too busy worrying about the unimportant to worry about important things. 


I walk my little Jack Russell late every  afternoon and on the journey of the walk I meet different neighbours and other  friends , we often stop and  exchange ideas and have a talk about different things that are going on in our lives. 
Last evening was a typical example,   a neighbour was walking his two little terriers , we stopped and before we knew it we were  unburdening to each other our worries.    Melbourne Cup ,  the  cruel treatment of Race horses.  I said I have never attended a meeting in my life , I grew up on a farm and horses pulled the plough ,  Tarzan and Bonnie.     They were treated  and looked after well,  rested ,  fed and sheltered.     I do not know the ins and outs of the treatment of the Race horses  but from what I can  understand , it is not nice!  

Like a lot of things today if you know exactly what some cruel and uncaring  people do, it stays with you  and you cannot get it out of your mind.   

Then we discussed the treatment of the elderly, both in Nursing Homes and with  "Carers"  coming in to help with  making their lives as comfortable as possible.   What a disgrace to learn of some of the things that have happened .  For example a  90 year old women raped while her poor husband, bedridden , has to look on crying with horror and rage unable to do anything about it.    Fortunately from what I can gather the culprit was caught, but think how the really kind,  good people who help out in this way  must feel.   

Then we came to the Water issue,  farmers pleading with the Government to do something , help the dying cattle and sheep , the water is there it is a matter of management.   It could have been solved years ago but no one would get the ball rolling.    Someone has to make a start,   There are so many ways  but it may take some time , but make a start now.      Talk will not solve the problem .   Action will. 
Then we came to the children, education,  treatment  , behavior , the sexual issue that has been introduced in so many  schools,  Instead of learning to read, write and add up , subtract, divide . That is being neglected .  They should be encouraged to play plenty of sport , use up the energy in fun activities.   Lovely to see them on Saturday morning on the footy field,   but I wonder how many are at home with an ipad !   

By this time the dogs were looking at us and we thought we had better carry on this conversation at another time.   But, we are not the only ones discussing this variety  of subjects,  it is being spoken about by so many all over the Country , this used to be a marvelous County .  Now all we say is when is some one going to do something that will improve all these things that need correcting .   

 Instead of worrying about the transgender people in our Society   instead of being cautious about treading on someone's toes with a word , we need to get into action and solve all these problems.   

We must take care of our children, our animals and our elderly , provide water  and a correct education , and safe care for the older generation.




I found this posted on line. It seemed to fit:


Long in tooth and soul, longing for another win.
Lurch into the fray, weapon out and belly in.
Warrior struggling to remain consequential,
Bellow aloud bold and proud of where I’ve been.
But here I am, beating chest and drums
Beating tired bones again.
Age old battle mine, weapon out and belly in.
Beating tired bones, tripping through remember when.
Once invincible, now the armour is wearing thin.
Heavy shield down.

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