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I only swear when I am really pissed off, I try and  be a happy camper most of the time.   But ,  and it is a big but when as an Oldie  you are told you're first on the list of departures from this World with this new virus it is a bit disconcerting .   

But. all that aside,  I am pissed off because we are not pulling together   working as a team.

I would like to mention some of the things that are on that list.     First , look at the shelves in the supermarkets,  people are told don't panic don't hoard, but if you don't be prudent and think of the future and lay in a emergency supply how will you cope if things do get a lot worse.   I am not just talking about Oldies I am talking about everyone.

Easter is just around the corner,  families  love to visit  their friends and relatives, school holidays  , kids come to  stay, that pleasure for everyone has been denied.     Winter is just around the     corner and the  caravans and RVs  are being freshened up ready for the Grey Nomads to get out and about.   No doubt a lot will , but unfortunately they won't be very welcome visitors to most people, just in case they bring the "bug".    So that pleasure  of catching up is being  taken away.

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Then we are hearing rumours about Banks and any money we might have  on fixed deposit  .  How we may not be able withdraw  sums of money .    How it may even be stolen from us because  the Banks are going to go broke.   How do you think that makes the general public feel.   Any hard earned or saved cash to just disappear .   The prices have gone up , meat for example.   We don't import meat so why has that happened?    Vegetables the same  , a big increase in price.   I can give you examples but you know because  we are all experiencing it.

Jobs, are the next on the list...    many workers are  being paid off or stood down.   How are they going to pay the mortgage, the rent,   no wonder  people are depressed.    Within  our close neighbours and friends  we are all trying to keep a brave face , but within the family group I am sure  people are expressing their  worries and concerns with regard to the future .

I can understand the Government  stopping visitors and  overseas people from entering our Country but perhaps they should have been more careful over the last number of years.    If  people live here in Australia they  should be trying very hard to become Australian , abide by the laws and not expect to have special benefits under the name of Cultural differences.    

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When we add  all these upsets together  not to mention things like full term abortion , I call it baby murder , and the    law  allows it to be   accepted.     Marriage between two males or two females, women's competition sport played   by men calling themselves girls  and taking the title and any benefits  that go with that honour.   Then I could swear!

 What has this lovely Country of ours done.      Did we have to change and accept things we know are wrong just because other places in the World allow it to happen.   Have we become so weak   and compliant we can no longer stand on our own two feet and have a say in how we want our  Country run..     The  dreadful business of no clearing of the  bush and maintaining  fire breaks is a perfect example .  We have to go back to accepting  the advice from people who know best ,  not from sideliners who yell and march   and cry down anything sensible .

The advice should come from the normal people,   the people on the ground.   Not the people in Government or people who live in ivory towers.   It is the advice from Doctors, Nurses, normal health care workers.   Because they are at the forefront.   They know what is happening. ….and cry down anything sensible but the man on the   ground who has dealt with a particular field all his life.   The fireman who sees the offending areas of neglect.  The man who monitors the water consumption  and sees the need for  dams , and water ways to distribute water to drought areas.   Those are the people who should be listened to and whose advice we should be taking.


Then we have to look at what happens next.   Australia for Australians  .    Do it our way or Depart.

I feel better now.   But I am still pissed off.

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