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Is Federalism dead?

The United States of America and Australia both embrace Federalism. The idea that we are part of the One yet still part of another subgroup.

I have always proudly declared myself a Queenslander. An Australian? I have never really come to terms with that. My home is Queensland and my identity is as a Queenslander. I have never followed AFL nor have I ever had a desire to venture across the border in to the foreign territory that is New South Wales or elsewhere.

I am a banana bender, proud and true and I like my way of life.  Oh, forget Brisvegas… those people are not Queenslanders. They are urbanites who could live in any city in any state or any country in the world. They march to the drum of popular socialism and inclusivity. They drink from the cup of decaffeinated coffee, soy lattes and kale shakes. Where I come from, we still drink beer, toast our mates, laugh at jokes that are probably piss poor as far as the leftie luvvies are concerned and we stand by our mates.

I come from the land downunder. I come from a country, a State, a place, where people stand by their mates and care about their past, their present and their future.


I am a proud Queenslander who still thinks that Steve Irwin was a bonza bloke and dinky die still belongs in our vocabulary.

I believe that Sir Joh was amazing and that OUR PAULINE is also amazing. I believe that Bob Katter might be eccentric sometimes but he is MY eccentric bloke. And I love him for being a true blue, dinkie die, fair dinkum Banana Bender.

I hate Cane Toads, but Cane fields are ours. Our amazing outback is ours. Longreach is ours.

Just like someone in Victoria could proudly proclaim ownership and pride for Ballarat and the gold fields.

Ask any American and they will chant ‘ USA ‘ but in many respects they would just as easily chant ‘ Texas “ or ‘ West Virginia ‘ . We love our States.

We are State oriented. We love our place we call home. Much like living in a neighbourhood. We are creatures of small places, familiarity and comfort. And we love our countries folk heroes. 

We rely on our Federal Governments to offer the comfort and reassurance of a blanket that we can always seek refuge under. Like a Grandparent. When our parents let us down we turn to our older relatives for help.

Today, in these uncertain times, we are asking  our State Premiers or Governors to help us and offer guidance and assistance. They are LETTING US DOWN in so many situations. So we turn to our Federal Leaders.

I wonder: has the entire concept of Federalism broken down because we want the Grandparents to come in and bail us out whilst our “ parents “ still tell us what we can and cannot do?

I have more faith in our Federal Government right now. I really do. Queensland is governed by two women who are weak, Socialist and out of their depth.

Victoria is ruled by a Communist sympathiser who thinks that Victoria is a distant cousin to Xi and New South Wales is ruled by a woman who cannot work out if she is a distant cousin or not related at all and waiting for the DNA tests to come in.

Western Australia has decided it has no issue with Federal DNA – it is going to stay “ clean “ and South Australia is hunkering down and hiding under the bed – actually, a good idea. Because when the shit hits the fan, under the bed is probably a good place to be.

President Trump is fighting the Governors, the Press, the Left and his chances of winning are directly related to his ability to stay a strong Leader.

When States fight their Federal Leader, Federalism will break down.

We saw it in the bushfires. The drought.

Too many cooks in the kitchen.

I wonder: is this the death of Federalism?

If so, without a Prime Minister or a President, will we simply become fragmented pieces of a jigsaw where no one really knows where the pieces go anymore?

Statehood versus Federalism?

Who do you trust more right now? Your President, Prime minister? Or your State Governor or Premier.

Maybe this is the wakeup call we all need.

Who calls the shots and who we trust to lead us in to the future.

Yes, my friends. Who is calling the shots? 

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