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An Australian perspective.

Now that Andrew has shat in the birdcage, put in the dog box and sent to Coventry ( which is Warwickshire, not York by the way) it seemed perfect timing for the Sussex Assassins to swoop in and gouge the eyes out of the Royal Family. They have become the Vultures of Virtue Signalling and have left what they thought would be the corpse of the Royal Dynasty to rot while they trotted off to Toronto to tweet and taunt, torture and torment what they abandoned: a Family in crisis.

What Andrew did not accomplish as the Duke of York – a thoroughly disgraced Duke, man and father – the “Sussexroyal” brand decided to finish off by slamming the boot in, hot on the heels of a disastrous few months.

No, it was not enough to have Andrew ruin his daughter’s upcoming marriage. It was not enough to have The Queen and Prince Philip distressed by their son’s irresponsible and Randy Andy behaviour. Oh no.


Hazza and Mazza decided, on their 6 week break in Canada, to really make Grandma and Grandpa’s day: right now, when things are diabolically difficult for the 93 year old and 98 year old they decided to use the involuntary euthanasia card.

Hazza and Mazza could get the oldies to fall off the perch and stress them both to buggery by telling them that they were too stressed to work any more and that they quit. It seems to me that the Sussex Assassins don’t give a bugger about anyone but themselves. Obviously they don’t give a shit about his Grandmother and Grandfather.

It’s an old Aussie and Kiwi thing: you can bitch and moan and grizzle and fight and argue as a family. But you NEVER, EVER disrespect your Grandparents.

I feel sure that this is a rule observed throughout the world. Grandparents are OFF LIMITS when it comes to arguments and ill feeling.

So, the first thing that the Terrible Two did was upset Grandma and Grandpa. BAD MOVE.


The Sussex Assassins didn’t bother to tell Granny and Grandpa – far easier just to bugger off to Canada, stay in a rich mate’s place, tell the media and hope like hell that Hazza could square it with Granny when he got home. Schmooze his way in to her “ good books “ and keep his fingers crossed that Daddy would keep writing the cheques until Hollyweird and Oprah swung in to action with a few “ deals”.

And schmooze it he did. Not that Her Majesty had any alternative : she had been backed in to a corner by her much beloved grandson and she agreed to help him.


Meanwhile, little Miss Mazza Markle is skiing in Whistler, trying to banish the bad juju of two years living in a nightmare of privilege, pomp, pampered protection…. Oh, how our hearts bleed for this refugee of racism and ridicule.

I have a hell of a lot to say about this pair of posturing, posing, pontificating and perennial pessimists. But suffice to say, any regard I had for Prince Harry has been put to bed and died the day he disrespected his Grandmother.

To me, he is now a weak and worthless excuse for a man who got pussy whipped and, once wedded, wandered off to the no man’s land of regret and no coming back.

The old saying about burning your bridges has never been so true. This mature man has sacrificed his reputation, his family and his grandparents in order to satisfy the whims of a selfish and egotistical woman who has historically created mayhem and misery when she does not get her way.

In Yorkshire, Prince William and his wife Kate, or Katherine as I am now predisposed to refer to her as… were greeted with love, support and genuine enthusiasm. Why? Because they embrace their roles as Royals; they UNDERSTAND Duty. They understand what being part of a Family means.


The other two? they can bugger off as far as I am concerned.

When you disrespect your parents you reveal a flaw in your character. When you disrespect your GRANDPARENTS, you reveal a flaw in your SOUL.

For me, this pair of loser lefties can move wherever they want as long as it is not on my dime.

But, wherever it is, they will never truly live again. They will merely exist.

And ain’t that a shame? WHEN the marriage ends, which surely it will, what Harry thought was misery in 2020 will seem like a walk in the park by the time Miss Sparkle has finished with him.

When it happens, his FAMILY will be there to pick up the pieces, as is so often the case.

But sadly, his Grandparents will not be there. I wonder… will William have to pick up the pieces , again, and look after his baby brother? Probably.

And thank God for that.


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