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So said a commenter on an article from The Washington Post back in October 2019 in relation to any Virus that may break out. In fact, even Joe Biden tweeted about the threat of a Virus in October 2019 - months before the supposed outbreak.

The Covid-19 outbreak - named because it was a corona virus identified in 2019 - was clearly on the radar months before we were officially notified and the world went mad.  

A global New World Order; with a select few at the helm and we, the People, kneeling in fear. 


It has been obvious since the beginning that the Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party, along with other left leaning Governments around the world were fearful that the Trump Presidency in America was threatening to undo all of the foundations that they had laid down in order to turn our FREE world in to a Socialist or Communist Global Government. 

So along came the Chinese Plague, a Virus that was probably never intended to kill us, but kill our Spirit, our sense of Patriotism and our sense of rational thought. In a few short weeks, we were altered and changed and transformed in to cowered children. Afraid to leave our homes and fearful that we would die should we hug or ever touch a stranger again.

The enemies of FREEDOM had, back in 2016, taken it as a given that they would be triumphant in their takeover of America. They knew that, in order to takeover the FREE Western world, all that they would have to do is take over the USA.

What many people in places like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK don't seem to realise is that, without America protecting our arses, we are sitting ducks to China and the conquest of our Nations and sense of Nationality.

Had Clinton won the election in 2016, it would have been a plague of a different kind. One that was already at work and doing very well around our once free and glorious countries.

Decades in the making, the Left - with the support of George Soros and President Xi - were on track to bringing their global takeover to fruition.

But then something extraordinary happened in 2015: a man named Donald J Trump entered the political scene. 

He was the spanner in the works, the fly in the ointment and the wildcard that none of them expected.

And he did something that not one of them expected. He won.

So many of the Hollywood elites mocked, jeered and scoffed. If I could come up with some more words I would probably use ridicule, debase and deny. They laughed and joked and considered a Trump Presidency a foolish notion.

Which brings us today. They aren't laughing now, are they?  

In fact they are in full damage control mode and prepared to do ANYTHING to destroy FREEDOM in our world.

How do you undo Trump's historic economy building gains? How do they stop Trump from " wrecking " their plans for Chinese takeover of trade? 

How do they stop their puppet Biden from being a National and International embarrassment?  

How do they steal an election which they KNOW will be a landslide to Trump and for Trump?

Unleash a Virus. Stop Trump's rallies. Stop voting in person. 

The Leftist Governments care more about power than they care about the ordinary worker. It is all about CONTROL.

We are being locked down, censored, robbed of work and robbed of our human NEED to be part of a community. 

Through FEAR.

This Virus is a weapon unleashed on humanity to destroy our social cohesion, our familial units and our sense of security.

It is a VIRUS that was deliberately poured in to our Nations by people who want to overthrow our individuality, our family unit, our sense of neighbourhood and our love of freedom. 

It was never to kill us. It was to give Civilization a hard time.

In that respect, they have been remarkably successful.

But, unfortunately for them, President Trump keeps fighting and  - with a good deal of luck, a good deal of support, a good deal of trust  and a good deal of resolve, we will see HOPE triumph over FEAR and people will realise that Fear is crippling. Hope is liberating.

Maybe it is because he has a good friend on his side.


 No matter what the outcome, anyone who is not so cowered in fear that they have lost their sense of SELF, remember that Fear is debilitating. 

It is time to Live again. This Virus is not about wearing a mask.

It is about taking the mask off and breathing again in the joy of civilisation and not suffocating under the mask of fear.

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