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Not that long ago there were certain subjects that were kept private.  You spoke about them if it was absolutely necessary.   Today I am embarrassed when I hear the Host on a TV show talking about personal subjects of both men and women.   We all know what happens  each month to women but when you hear it spoken about on live TV and then to crown it off to hear that Men have the same problem every month,  it  is beyond belief.    

 Not that long ago it was "private parts" that  used to describe the sexual organ of a man.   Now the word penis is spoken  without even blushing. 
Maybe I am old fashioned , but it had a certain politeness about it when  things were kept a bit more private.   In my opinion, the homosexual business is what started it all.   We all knew , particularly of men , who were of a " different persuasion " , as long as they were polite and  mixed in with the community no one questioned their relationship.     But when "someone" decided that they had to be brought out into society in a big way and then brought out the  "Gay Marriage"  and it got legalized ,  heaven help us all.     It opened the doors to all sorts of subjects that  were of a very personally invasive nature.
The final straw is the  way the schools have taken over  the little ones minds and are telling them all sorts of sexual things are quite normal , suggesting that boys can become girls and visa versa and it is quite normal.    Suggesting that  they draw pictures on placards and then saying it was their own ideas.    Taking them to rallies  where the parents  are advertising radical ideas.    Very educational !   Even giving little kids medications that stifle normal development .  Long term and  permanent   damage.   
I wonder what these poor little ones are going to say to their Parents and the Doctor  in the future when they find out what happened.  
 Developing kids both boys and girls all play together and climb trees,  dress up in fancy dress,  each one doing similar things, that doesn't make them any more or  any less a girl or a boy.   
  Leave them alone.
They will know  when they are in their 20's what  their future holds .  Until then, let boys be boys and girls be girls.
When community toilets are changed to … anyone and everyone..  it will encourage peeping toms and other nasty  people, and surely we hear enough about that  in  overseas countries without  even thinking about it here.   No problem when there is only one toilet,   the door  is locked , totally private.  
I would love to be able to erase the last few years and go back to  what was considered your private business , your own health issues , your baby being a male  or a female  on it's Birth certificate .  Driver's  license , male or female.  Women's sports , only female.     That  transgender invasion is going to be the finish  of sport for women.   Nip it in the bud and stop it now.   Give the Transgender's a group to compete amongst  themselves. 
Stop giving the  minority  the power to alter our way of life ,  their voices are loud and very invasive ,  but when  the majority of people speak and say , enough is enough,  please listen,  then and only then,  will we get back to a safe and pleasant life style .

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