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 Update from Feather 26/09/2019

I never believed that this would happen. NSW Parliament voted unanimously to abort female babies and at term. 

My heart is breaking. While Mattel battles to make Barbie doll a transgender binary idol and George Soros promotes child abuse with Greta Thunberg; while a 5 year old child in America is put on a sex offender's register for cuddling, hugging and kissing; while President Trump is showing more transparency than any other President in history, our Australian NSW Government has passed a Law that allows the murder of little girls at 9 months term. 

God, help us. 




 This is one of the most despicable and abhorrent acts of any Parliament in the world. New South Wales Parliament. led by a female Premier, has done the unthinkable. Unanimously. 



You would have thought that we would have been the last bastion of safety. Australia kills babies?  This is outrageous. 

Not one person said No. NOT ONE. 

How do you think you would feel as the daughter of one of these Politicians who pretty much voted YOUR life away? Are they devaluing THEIR daughters lives?

How would you feel if your Mum or Dad put you at the bottom of the rubbish heap?

Contributer Redhead had this to say: 

" Legal Murder of baby girls.

Oh to turn the clock back when a little baby was expected,   and we didn't know what the  sex was going to be,  the excitement ..   was it a boy or a little girl.  Both were wanted and loved .  If parents only had little boys  they were just as precious as when the family only had little girls.     My Grandmother had twelve babies , my mother first then ten little boys and then another little girl.   what joy , what excitement , a little girl.  One of those little boys lived to be over 100 and died 3 years ago.  Six of those young men fought in World war 11   and their    father , my grandfather  fought in the Boer war.

This legal murder of full term babies , this choice of killing unwanted little girls  would once upon a time be  unheard of, now it is legal.   What has happened ?    Where has the emotional feelings of love and joy gone?   There are fortunately  still parents who love their babies whether it be a boy or a girl , but what kind of people are we allowing to make these  barbaric laws?

 The only consolation I can find is that the people who have allowed this to become law  and are participating in this murder are not fit parents anyway.     Everyone of those in the NSW Government who did not stand up and shout "NO" is doomed, their conscience  will be with them for ever.    When they have nightmares  of crying babies they will know their decision has come back to haunt them.    What must  their own families  think of them and their Vote of "YES" , there again perhaps I am better off not knowing they must be so ashamed of such an overall decision.

Let us go back to a  world where every baby is cherished , if the world can't manage it please can we in Australia show some compassion and put  right this dreadful wrong. "


The women are disgusting. Women have let the side down. Women have NO RIGHTS AFTER THIS VOTE.

Yet women voted for this outrageous violation of decency?

Australia has sunk so low that it has put in to law that females are worthless. 

I have never been so angry, so outraged, so full of horror. 

Please, someone, anyone, take this cause up. As a small player in a big world, how can this be happening? In a so called civilised country?

Australia, be ashamed. Be very very ashamed. And NSW, your Government is repulsive. 


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