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I have just been told the NSW Government has just rejected  banning the killing of little girl babies in their very insane Abortion Bill.   Not only that  but still going with the 9 month allowable abortion murder.      I wonder is that why the Left want  men  to be so sexually mad that they only want to have sex with one another ????  Let's face it, what man in his right mind would have a relationship with these crazy women of today???? As for the women   they must be so cruel that they can see a little full term baby murdered just  because it is a girl!!!! 




What has happened to the righteous  and decent  men and women ????  Are these Politicians  so drugged up on dope or greed that their brains have dried up .   There has to be a reason for such horrible and cruel actions .    

What  they planned has become law in some of  of our States of Australia.   Heaven help us , or has God thrown up his hands in despair   , even he surely cannot believe such cruel and barbaric behavior.   Please someone who, has the power to stop this insanity , do something before it is too late.

When I read this on the website of Lyle Shelton   I was horrified.

Abortion extremism has reached its high-water mark in Australia. It will be progressively pushed back from here.

If you are an unborn baby girl in New South Wales, look out.

Your politicians voted last night to affirm the practices of poisoning, pureeing you or pulling you apart limb from limb in your mother’s womb for the simple reason that you are the unwanted gender......

Last night in the Legislative Council, Liberals and Nationals joined with most of Labor and the Greens to vote down an amendment that would have made it illegal for a doctor to perform a sex-selection abortion.

The amendment was lost 26-15."


What else can we do ??? We write,  we talk to our neighbours and friends and they all feel it is so wrong  , it is beyond us, how this uncaring cruelty  has come about, killing little babies  at will !!!  Please God do something about it. Because I wonder if He is our only hope


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