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Back in the Great Depression when the Jarrow March took place, the unemployed workers of the closed shipyard in South Shields walked from the north of England to London to protest the loss of their jobs. their livelihoods and their ability to feed their families.

It was known as the Hunger March.

Today, as the Governments around the world close down coal mines, oil pipelines and people's ability to earn a living, I cannot help but wonder why we have hundreds of thousands globally being cast out of work while our governments invite millions in to feed off the taxpayer's teat. In other words, you and me.

Australia is being bled of jobs as are other nations around the world. This time around, will it take hunger marches to change things? Or will it, like Jarrow, mean nothing?


Listen to the lyrics.

I fear that we will see more hunger marches from unemployed and deserted citizens who head down roads and will be cheered on by the mocking glances of the newly imported " refugees " who will be occupying their homes and taking their money and laughing as the poor disenfranchised workers march by.

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Or will we be too cowered and too legislated against  -  that we will never march again? Arrested before we ever leave home because " COVID " has stifled our ability to speak, hear and see anything that does not fit the political narrative?

The song, " Goodbye Old Ship of Mine "  was written in 1935 during the Great Depression when ships were being broken down for their steel and parts. Jarrow is in County Durham. This was not only about the loss of the ship , the Mary Ann, but more importantly about the loss of their jobs and their livelihoods. It is still apparently regarded as the song of the people of Jarrow and there are very few recordings of the song.

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207 marchers travelled from the town of Jarrow to the Palace of Westminster in London, a distance of almost 300 miles. Their goal was to lobby Parliament. When they arrived, they were refused entry and ignored.

The tragedy is, of course, that barely 3 years later, World War 2 broke out and the shipbuilding skills were needed more than ever before. 

What made this story spring to my mind today was the way the Keystone pipeline is being shut down; the border wall at the Mexican border abandoned; the borders flung open while schools, restaurants and state borders remain shut or severely monitored.

Australia being defiled What is wrong with us?

We are bringing  in workers from the South Pacific Islands to pick fruit and vegetables here in Queensland, and our local workers are thrown on the unemployment line to ensure that they remain reliant on government funding and lose all semblance of pride in a job well done and a day's work honestly earned.

We saw the Adani Mine stalled for over a decade because of a leftist Queensland Government kow towing to the plight of a newt or slug that faced extinction - bugger the poor workers whose jobs were sacrificed on the altar of Cancel Culture and Political Correctness. 


New Zealand has cancelled its oil and gas exploration. 

Pride in a day's work well done is being erased from our history books. Our younger generations have often never known that incredible feeling of standing back after a hard day's graft and knowing that it felt good and gratifying to see an achievement for a day's hard labour. A paypacket EARNED. 

As we age, we may see this differently: a house cleaned or a garden weeded; a lawn mowed or, in short,  a job well done.

There is something rather wonderful about working. Whether it be in paid employment or simply the act of a cupboard cleaned and free of clutter.

Where do we go from here?

As a free thinking conservative, old fashioned, commonsense patriotic citizen,


Perhaps we need to cast our minds back to the Federal election when people descended on the little town of Clermont in Central Queensland?


When the greenies spent thousands of dollars on petrol to get to Clermont to protest about the very thing that was pumped into their vehicles in order to get to a place that relied on the very thing that they needed - the nonsense was exposed.

Yet, in the Queensland elections, Apparently, all older Queenslanders voted for Labor

Coincidentally, they had Dominion voting machines in Queensland. Funny that. Our electoral rolls were compiled in  China. Funny THAT.

I voted One Nation. 

But then, we older Australians are all brain dead and, like older Americans, are just too stupid to know what we are doing.

I had better go off and dribble and piddle my pants because I believe that is what I am expected to do.

Have a nice day and goodbye old ship of mine. Unless someone sails in to rescue us, old Mary Ann being binned is the least of our problems.

Unless WE fight back, it will be goodbye. 

And we will be sunk. 

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