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“ After 25 years of fighting for independence, this is my final contribution in the European Parliament. We were told to leave with our British flags, and that's exactly what we did. “

So said Nigel Farage, the Brexit Leader who has fought tenaciously for decades to return The United Kingdom to being a Sovereign Nation when he made his final speech to the European Parliament.

He spoke about Brexit as a victory in the “historic battle going on across the west”. And Nigel Farage is right: there is an historic battle against Globalism and, despite the best efforts of the Globalists elite, slowly but surely, we are fighting back and winning.

Make no mistake. It will not be an easy fight. And winning battles does not win the war. Nonetheless, we are making headway in the push back, albeit it in small steps.

He went on to say “It is globalism against populism. And you may loathe populism, but I’ll tell you a funny thing. It is becoming very popular!

Well said, Sir, well said.

As he was about to make his closing comments, he and his fellow Brexiteers started to wave small Union Jacks :

“ I know you’re going to miss us, I know you want to ban our national flags, but we’re going to wave you goodbye, and we’ll look forward in the future to working with you as a sovereign nation…” and then, the Mic was cut and his speech was terminated. Why?

Because he had the temerity to wave his beloved National Flag.


We have seen too much of this FLAG BASHING lately. Whether it be the Union Jack, Old Glory in the USA or our Aussie Flag on Australia Day for crying out loud.

What, what is so bloody wrong with loving your country and the Flag that honours it? Why has the Flag become the enemy?

Because, according to Globalism, a sense of National pride and identity is not only to be discouraged but is now becoming virtually offensive to those from the Left.

The very Flags that symobolise our settlers and forebears who struggled, worked hard against enormous odds and carved out the lives and values that so MANY of us still hold dear.

That hard work is rewarded and the traditional family unit is the foundation stone on which many a house is built. That working TOGETHER is the cornerstone of our National home and a belief in a Judeo Christian God has served us well over hundreds of years as we prayed for a good crop and a healthy baby and a safe passage from one season to another.

Our Flags fly in the wind that blows over our many Nations and proudly celebrates our ancestors work and determination to do better, to forge new, brave and worthwhile lives that benefit all.

Yet today, we see Nigel Farage cut off for waving his National Flag to celebrate the return of Sovereignty to his Island Nation. We see a man arrested for draping an Australian flag around him on Australia Day and we see the Flag of China flown over a Police Station in Melbourne…. We see the American Flag burned and violated by leftist agitators and used as a doormat in countries hostile to America. How it must have upset the “ powers that be “ when citizens refused to walk on Old Glory!

When a Flag is banned, ridiculed, demeaned or burned, it is a powerful signal to all: it shows disrespect to the Nation, the People of that Nation and the WORTH of that Nation. I do not mean in financial terms. I suggest that to literally or figuratively SPIT on a Nation’s Flag is to spit on every single citizen of that Nation.

In my opinion, a Flag should be in every school, public building, Government building and every house in the nation – whether that Nation be Australia, America, Britain or Kiribati.

We not only have every right to display or wave our Flag – we also have a responsibility to honour it as the symbol of our great pride and privilege for having been fortunate enough to live under its symbolic protection.

All the Globalists say is “ Remove the flags “. That's all they have got to say is “ remove the flags”. Because that waving of the national Flag upsets and disturbs and offends the leftist bastards.

No matter what Nation you call home, celebrate your flag and wrap yourself in its comfort, protection and history.


It means more than you realise.

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