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ISIS bride Shamima Begum can “ come home “ - I doubt the average pom is happy.

In 2015, the then 15 year old ran away to join ISIS and now wants to come back to the UK because it’s not fun anymore.

Shamina Begum is a traitor. She is the person who WILLINGLY boarded a plane, flew to Syria and joined forces with the devil. Something must be done to these rogue Judges and the moral morbidity that has infiltrated our legal systems. 

Married to a monster and having giving birth to his children, she shows no remorse, no sign of a return to sanity. In my opinion, she has become a monster herself. 

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While people around the world call for changes in names of sporting teams, ban words and promote slogans like “ Black Lives Matter “ I have to wonder when they will turn their nasty attention to words that were used with innocent affection and had no ill intent.

As a proud and Patriotic Citizen of Australia, I believe there are many here today who owe their lives to the heroic deeds of “  The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. “

If some leftist comes after that name, then they had better be ready for a fight.

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The Kiwi fight is on. At last Xindy has an opponent who could actually topple her dictatorship and consign her to the forest floor to scrub and peck and wonder how it all went wrong.

With little over 2 months until the New Zealand election, the Crusading Communist from the Woke Weirdo Left thought she had her job in the bag. Suddenly, she has a fighting foe from right stage about to tell her that she may end up being the understudy in New Zealand’s great play: “ The Future. “

Xindy Ardern – with her arrogant and condescending love of all things non Kiwi and all things Muslim and all things China must be wondering what the hell just happened.

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The real pandemic we are facing is the pandemic of misery, hopelessness and helplessness. As a world, we have confronted the Black Death, Spanish Flu, Polio, Tuberculosis, famine, pestilence and economic depression.

We have fought wars and sent millions of our young men to die on the foreign soil of Gallipoli, the Somme and in the oceans and seas of the South Pacific. We have watched towns and communities stripped bare of their young farmers, workers and husbands. Brothers, fathers and cousins cheated of a life yet to be lived. 

We have done so with a hale heart and a sure knowledge that their sacrifce for us was worthwhile; that they gave their lives in order to preserve ours. Yet here we are today murdering our economies, torturing our freedom and surrendering our ways of life for a virus.

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Many of you have read about the debacle of the morning tea from hell. I said on Saturday that I would have needed to write an article as long as War and Peace to truly convey the emotion that charged the room at Redhead's home. 

One thing that struck me and I cannot get out of my head was her calendar. Yes, her calendar. A fundraising calendar above her office desk - where she taps the keyboard and writes emails, articles and orders her library books. It is her place of communication and engagement. Somewhere to stay in touch and skype with her many beloved friends and family. 

But her calendar was a subject of ridicule and insult. By her 14 year old Great Grand Daughter. Yes, you read that right. An 88 year old woman was told that she was a dirty old woman for having a calendar above her desk. What was it?

It was the 2020 Firefighters Association fund raising calendar .

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What a morning I have just had. A long awaited family get together with one of my daughters and her family. I haven't seen them for about 18 months and I didn't realise what a difference that time would make. My two grand daughters have been abducted by aliens and have turned into the spawn of the devil.

The gathering was held at Redhead's home, which many of my long term readers will know is close to one of the bushfires that swept through our country in the latter part of 2019 and early 2020. It was the first time that they have visited since that dreadful event and it went from eagerly anticipated to a train wreck in about 1 hour. 

Let me explain.

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Throughout history, we have seen Nations triumph or be crushed by authoritarianism and it all comes down to the strength of the Leader at the helm.

But strength when exercised through fear and strength exercised through Patriotism and love are two entirely different matters. 

Hitler was strong but he ruled with fear. Xi Jinping is much the same. Pol Pot. Idi Amin. 

How many of us believe that Trump rules through Fear and that the founders of Antifa and BLM rule through Patriotism and love? 

Who are you afraid to offend right now? The Leftists who attack you through social media? Or people like President Trump, Viktor Orban? 

When it takes courage to stand up to defend your Rights, chances are you are in fear. If it doesn't make you frightened to stand up and defend your rights, you are probably in safe hands.

It is our choice to stand or fall in the face of fear.

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Most people today know that the cuckoo is a rather sneaky bird. It lays its eggs in the nests of other birds leaving those unwitting innocents to rear the imposter as one of their own. The cuckoo thrives and eventually throws the other baby birds out to die.

Many of the older generation know the saying whereby someone is a cuckold , referring to a man who unwittingly rears a child, thinking that the little one is his own.

Well, I think we have been cuckolded and, if things don’t change, we will continue to be thrown out of our homes and left to perish.

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 The Queen will not be amused after Harry's latest episode of "  Who's a pretty boy ? " - What a foolish, sad and cringeworthy parrot he has become. He is now " Who's a petty boy? " 

His Nanny Meg needs to be fired and he needs an intervention. His appalling speech about the Commonwealth is not only mocking and ridiculing his Grandmother, the Queen, but also shaming all Commonwealth Citizens around the world. 

Harry Markle needs to have a good long look at himself and stop letting the side down

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“ Look over there… it’s a seagull!”

My mother and father allowed me to start dating selected young chaps of their approval when I was about 15. My mother said that if any young lad tried to kiss me, I was to say something like “: look at that seagull over there “ and use distraction to curb his enthusiasm of the moment. I tried it very successfully for some time until one young fellow with very persuasive charm made my mind so cluttered and my body so overcome with hormones that I forgot the seagulls, kissed him and ended up bedridden for 6 weeks with glandular fever – what was then known as “ the kissing disease. “

I was reminded that I should have listened to her and I would not have gotten sick.

It certainly cooled my ardour for some time and I took up seagull watching again. I was too frightened to kiss a boy or get close for a goodly while.

I cannot help but think that we are being asked to “ look at the seagull “ these days.

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I keep watching the news and hearing and reading about people who " take the knee " and I wonder. Do they have any idea what they are doing?  A symbolic stance that makes them feel as if they are doing something worthwhile. 

Do they realise that they are not bowing in service to someone to whom they feel allegiance, but rather that they are bowing in subservience to someone who they may come to fear and loathe? 

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