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As we sit by, locked up like prisoners and subject to the petty egos of bureaucrats and politicians, are we any different to the penal colony that was established all those years ago?

When Australia was chosen as the perfect place to send all the loaf looting, cattle duffing and law defying rejects of British Society, it was generally seen as a good move for the poms and a fairly crappy one for the prisoners.


In fact, as it transpired, most here in Australia regard it as one of the best things that could have happened. To be given the opportunity to carve out a new life in a new land and to create a new Nation is something quite splendid.

In 1901, we were granted the opportunity to create a Federation and in doing so our forefathers wrote our Constitution which sets out the foundation stones on which we built this country called Australia and that we call home.


It says very clearly at its outset

“ WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth …. “

Last time I checked indissoluble meant:

not dissoluble; incapable of being dissolved, decomposed, undone, or destroyed.

firm or stable.

perpetually binding or obligatory.

I don’t see much evidence of stability, perpetually binding or obligatory and I cannot for the life of me see much evidence of being firm or stable.

It seems that it is decomposing being undone and destroyed each and every day.

This entire federation of states is being ripped to shreds by the very states that form part of the whole which seems to go against the word “ unite “ in the above extract.

Which got me to thinking:

The loaf of bread that saw someone arrested and transported is now the modern day equivalent of non compliance with laws and regulations that seem to change more frequently than a baby’s nappy and with less logic because much of what comes out of these idiot so-called experts and leaders mouths is nothing but sh#t.



Up until recently, we had been a united Nation, bound in the incredible love of our country and a National Pride that has seen us weather many storms, both political and natural.

Sure, there was friendly sibling banter and rivalry over a state of origin footy match or who has the best meat pie in the country. But this level of division and disunity between states is a whole new phenomenon.

To keep us functioning as a united federation, we must share the same sense of values, respect for individual liberties and, well, what we used to call common sense.

Logic and reason have been thrown out and discarded; the rule of law is being manipulated and interpreted by left wing lunatics; Rights are seemingly selective ( you can hold a climate change protest but not an ANZAC service ) and, at the blink of an eye, what was legal at 5 pm is illegal at 6 pm. What is OK in Tasmania is not OK in Queensland and no one knows who the hell is in charge or even if ANY one is in charge anymore. Or is it more sinister?


Our society is crumbling. Our sense of self is becoming dust and anger and fear are turning into frustration and despair.

Yet, all the while, left wing activists are pulling the strings and if they say jump, our collective media and politicians ask “ how high? “

The mainstays of our economy are being used as political pawns to negotiate favourable deals for those that yell the loudest and anyone who dares to question these vocal minority maniacs are muzzled and accused of some crime in order to get them to shut up and get out of the way.

The masks that are wheeled out each time some expert decides it is time, do more than stifle our breathing. They are a visible sign of compliance and anyone brave enough to say “ no “ is in danger of being fined and becoming a social leper.


What Greta Thunberg and her eager minions could not achieve has been successfully implemented by the outbreak of a highly questionable virus that has allowed the governments, experts and media to stifle freedom.

We are now in shackles again, prisoners to an invisible enemy that we are told is so dangerous it requires us to line up to take an untested, experimental vaccine that may or may not work and may or may not kill us.

I have a horrible feeling that we will never return to the Australia we once knew and loved so much.


This Covid virus has been weaponised by too many and we are now in a foreign land where each day brings new dangers, new challenges and new enemies.

Unless and until we get back to basics and remember that our Federation was founded on unity we will be nothing more than a penal colony again. The only difference will be that instead of British soldiers in charge of our freedom, it will be our Police and fellow citizens.

But perhaps that has already happened?

Oh for the good old days.... 


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