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New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard won two gold medals at the Pacific Games. Hubbard was born as a bloke named Gavin. " Laurel "  took double gold in the women’s over-87kg category at the Samoa 2019 games.

Some people feel that this is tantamount to cheating. If Gavin couldn’t win as a bloke, they say, then “ Laurel”  might win in the women’s division.

Up until 2003, Gavin would have to have had his bits and pieces chopped off (also known as reassignment surgery) plus undergoing at least 2 years of hormone therapy in order to be eligible to compete. Now, surgery is no longer required. Yet " Laurel " is off to the Olympics to show the girls how it is done.

And it got me thinking. Is this reasonable? 

If I was a female athlete, I would boycott the Olympic Games and let the world know that it is not right, not fair and not sporting.

Sport, back in the old Oxford dictionary of 1964 is defined as a " meeting of athletes to compete ". But, back in 1964, did they suspect for one moment that men would tuck their " jibbies " , declare their identity as female and take over women's sport?

Not on your nelly.

It would have been inconceivable that a man would lower himself to such levels. It would have been seen as cheating and not sporting at all.


In fact, he would be seen as a scoundrel and someone to be shunned and ridiculed as a freak. Gavin, aka Laurel, would be drummed out of the pub and probably kicked down a dark alley with a dose of reality and it would have been seen as " reasonable. "

So what is reasonable?

The best way to explain " reasonable" is, as was explained to me many years ago.

Is it reasonable to expect a young lad of 10 to run around a school oval? Yes. 


Is it reasonable to expect a 90 year old to run around the school oval? No.

So I must ask this question : is it reasonable to expect a woman to compete against a man in a sport that requires physical strength?

No. It is not reasonable.

I find this very troubling, disturbing and downright outrageous. Laurel Hubbard, a big beefy male is going to "compete "  against women in the Olympic Games because he identifies as a woman.

What is wrong with us? 

Is this reasonable?

Is this sporting?

What does compete mean? According to the old dictionary, it means to strive in doing in a quality 

Quality is defined as degree of excellence relative nature or kind or character.

Well, can someone tell me how Laurel Hubbard is able to exhibit a relative nature, kind or character to a woman?


Would you put a mouse up against a hare in a race? Would you ask a woman to lift weights against a man?

Competitive women's sports have become a mockery of what they were intended to be.

The transgender rights movement is killing women's competitive sport and destroying the hopes and dreams of young female athletes all over the world.

Scholarships are being lost to transgender athletes at colleges all over America. Women are being marginalised because they are too busy defending men who are taking their money, their scholarships, their medals and their right to be proud of their achievements. 

So what about our female athletes? 

While activist young women and older feminazis support transgender rights in deference to their own rights, they are actually destroying their own rights in favour of men.. who are pretending to be women. They are denigrating their self worth in order to promote men masquerading as women. How foolish is that?


Tell me, how is this reasonable?

Unless we can get back to a level playing field, sport is becoming less about having a sporting chance and more about redefining the old saying “ It isn’t cricket! “ Because having a bat and a couple of balls just isn’t cricket.

Let’s stop asking why? Why not? And start simply saying Y.

It is all about the chromosome and women need to stop defending the men who pretend to be women and start getting back to basics: being women and being proud of it.

X marks the spot and the treasure map of female equality is being put through the shredder because they are allowing transgender political activists change the map and steal what was so hard earned. 


Equality and Quality.

Tell me, is this reasonable?

For me, I ask Y and say no to the takeover of women's sports by men who are too useless to compete against their own: is it not nonsense that Laurel has to pretend to be a woman in order to succeed?

I will not watch one minute of the Olympics because they are no longer a games of Quality as defined as the degree of excellence relative nature or kind or character.

They are now a game of inequality with no regard for excellence relative to the nature kind or character of the athlete.

More is the pity. 

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