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Today is the anniversary of my father's passing. I normally spend it with Redhead and we do something that we know he would have enjoyed. Yet here I am today, with food poisoning because I broke my cardinal rule and bought some packaged soup - made in Thailand.  I never checked the label. I just grabbed it because I was feeling lazy and the picture on the packaging was very pretty. 

It got me to thinking. Have we become lazy and are we falling for deceptive packaging? This whole Chinese Virus terror is tearing our lives apart and we have become communities and nations poisoned by clever marketing and the picture on the box is just one gigantic campaign of fear. 

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by Paul Muaddib - republished with permission from Qplusnews

“Chloroquine is a 9-aminoquinoline known since 1934.”

Chloroquine exerts direct antiviral effects, inhibiting pH-dependent steps of the replication of several viruses including members of the flaviviruses, retroviruses, and coronaviruses.”

“This old drug may experience a revival in the clinical management of viral diseases such as AIDS and severe acute respiratory syndrome, which afflict mankind in the era of globalisation.”

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Redhead wrote very passionately about a subject that is taboo to many of us: Rape. How she felt that this most horrific of crimes is being swept under the carpet because it is too distasteful and too abhorrent to bring out in to the open.

One of our commenters raised the subject, quite rightfully, that there are too many who are too quick to judge and that men need a fair go when it comes to this increasingly controversial behaviour. 

I think back to when Julian Assange was accused of rape, charged with rape and then was subjected to years in isolation because some woman had said she did not agree to have sex with him. Rape? 

So let's talk about this.

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I have just finished reading about the  rape in Germany of a 13 year old and following quickly on the heels of that,  the same man raped an 11 year old girl.   This  man,  an Afghan Named Zubyr S.   was not considered a risk and managed the viscious  deed a second time.

Every day you read of these rapes all around the world.  This seems to be  common practice for some of the Immigrants  or should I say so called refugees  that we have encouraged into our more law abiding Countries.

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I have some family friends who are in their 70’s and, some time ago, they lost their old dog to the big puppy club in Heaven.

After some years, the wife decided that they should get a new pup. A terrier cross. Anyone who has had a Jack Russell or any kind of terrier will know that they eat energizer batteries for breakfast and only have two speeds: fast and really fast. Terriers are a mix of Formula 1 and Demolition Derby. 

A few months in, hubby is unhappy and complaining that the little fella is a handful, too energetic, too demanding and too tiring. All I could say was “ at least it’s not a woman. “

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from Barry J Rumpf

Following from his cancellation of the East/West Link project, Daniel Andrews had to come up with an alternative. His pig headedness comes to the fore with his determination to ensure that this project never succeeds.

Early in his role as PM, Scott Morrison recognised how vital this project was to the solution of Melbourne’s ever growing traffic problems and offered Andrews that the Commonwealth would pay for the tunnel construction if Andrews passed the necessary legislation to compulsorily acquire the properties that lay in its path. Most of these had already been acquired or were in the process of being acquired, by the Napthine Liberal government.

Andrews’ response was to reject Morrison’s offer and promptly set about selling off those properties that had previously been acquired.

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We are all in this together ...except Karen of Bunnings! 

I read with great interest Barry’s article about Daniel Andrews and it got me thinking about the intrusion of bureaucracy in to our lives and how Covid 19 has collateral damage.

And it all started with a visit to my local Pharmacy.

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From Barry J Rumpf

Daniel Andrews, Labour Party premier of Victoria since December, 2014 has probably acquired a new title in recent times as “Public Enemy Number 1”.

Andrews is currently presiding over the worst national crisis ever to hit our country since the threat of Japanese invasion in 1942. His ineptitude in handling the COVID-19 crisis has led to calls from many quarters for his resignation or forced replacement, failing which, it is assumed that it is only a matter of time and tide until his inevitable defeat in the elections of 2022.

I do not subscribe to that assumption.

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I have worked for nearly 2 years without a day off with little reward other than the knowledge that, to me, it is a job well done for those that need a place to express a view without fear or favour, as the saying goes.

These days, we live in a place where life is so uncertain and unpredictable. the last thing we need to do is turn on each other.

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To try and translate my emotions into words is very difficult indeed. As a child of the bush and the heartland of Australia, I find it almost soul destroying to see what is happening to Australia and the heartland of America and other Nations around the world.

While I and my neighbours and friends try to do the right thing, those that do the wrong thing exploit, plunder and disrupt our once happy go lucky Nations and profit from their greed and selfish behaviour. These people marching and defying the Laws are irresponsible, shelfish and, quite frankly, unpatriotic. 

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What strange creature we humans are.   Its raining and we want the sun, the sun is shining and we want rain.  

Which makes me think of some golfing friends my husband and I had way back...   He was a chap from Europe who must have come out to Australia after the war. He and his wife settled in Noosa , and loved it.

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