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I don't think I realized how all this Virus madness has really made its impact on people until I had a week of visitors in the last week of the school holidays. It is about Restrictions and Frustrations. 

We have been placed in a situation where shopping and outings have been curtailed.  We order online,  look at the computer and decide what we need in the way of winter clothing and await the delivery.   If we go to the shops we have to wear  masks.    You look around you and everyone is hiding behind a coloured mask of some kind , breathing in expelled air and breeding germs on a cloth .   People who are lucky enough to live by the      coast should be breathing in  clean salty air.   What kind of madness was it to ban people  from going to the beach....   the very best place to be . 

Fortunately a lot ignored the  ban several weeks ago and crowded to Bondi beach.



This marvellous week I had ,  First a son I hadn't seen for nearly two years , restrictions with travel,  arrived for a visit.    His friend  who I have known for nearly 40 years  visits me from time to time as he lives near by .  He arrived  and then a granddaughter who had business in Brisbane arrived to spend a couple of nights with me.  Grand  daughter's mother  ( Shaydee ) arrived too  for several get togethers.  


 The family were able to gather together and no one had to hide in the attic for years.  So far. 

The fun,  the laughter and noise , the     sheer enjoyment of visits during that lovely week was something  I had not had for at least 18 months.   We all had such a great time .   No disagreements , no talk about the  current appalling situation , just lovely conversations of things we had all done , places we had been , good memories.



But you know what it did.... it brought home what we are all missing... the companionship of our friends and family.   Just think what it must be like  for residents in some of these Aged Care homes where visitors have been restricted or banned , not just once,  but time after time.   What must it be like for people who have been in a lockdown situation so many times you lose  count.   Children who have been deprived of school  and miss their friends and the fun of the different sports  they were enjoying.    They will never get that time back .  


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We read of the growing number of suicides of young people  so distressed at what is going on .  How can we live with that  , but no one is concerned about it or trying to solve that increasing problem.

Just more lockdowns , more wear your mask or else, close the borders again ,  not to mention the pros and cons of the vaccine. 


Our thoughts are ..    will I get the jab  and risk the  chance of a reaction  or even death from a clot or seizure ?


On Friday afternoon I always go to the Mobile Library that visits our area.   The mask wearing had just been announced once again.   I arrived to return my books and collect a couple that had been ordered.     Instead of reminding me politely that I needed to put a covering over my face  , I was told you can't come in without a mask and tut tut,  naughty girl.  I left my books and departed the  scene.   I suffer with asthma   and breathing fresh clean air is very important.    Without my books  life would be very boring.  


My next    visit a week later with a another Library lady  was very different, I had a scarf around my neck and after a greeting was asked if I had something to cover my face ,  I pulled up the scarf and selected my reading for the week.   The rude and almost bullying tactic of one lady and the polite   approach of the second lady shows how some are enjoying throwing their weight around  and ordering people to bow to the rules and regulations.   Very much like we have seen with some of the  dreadful behaviour our Police have used towards the very people who they are supposed to be  taking care of.   How must the decent Police members feel about that?

A week of normal life and fun visitors made me realize what we have all missed ,  what we are all desperately wanting to get back , but the big question  is when.... or is it if?

 This video is well worth the time invested to watch.....


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