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I fear that things are about to get messy. Very few people appear to be able to what I call 'fractal up'. The patterns repeat and most continue to be obsessed with their political navel fluff, locked in and distracted by the tiny patterns and ripples that affect them directly... of course, that's what the New Gods of Mount Davos want as they pursue their demented, insane notions of TransHumanism with their lickspittle lackeys in Silicon Valley.

Stuff that would have been pure science fiction even just a scant few years back is all quite possible now, and I am fully convinced that if George Soros had the opportunity to have his brain kept alive in a bath of fresh stemcells harvested from late-term abortions and have it put into a robot body he would bloody well take it - it's gotta be worth tossing a few billion at, eh?

Yes, I fear that things are about to get messy. From the rumblings of Civil War in France, to the Chinese saber-rattling over Taiwan. They have already crushed Hong Kong underfoot.
The idiotic New Zealand eshewing the historic 'Five Eyes' agreement in order to hop into a very comfy little pocket provided for them by the CCP and Australia getting jittery - with good cause - about the possible outcomes of open conflict in their part of the Pacific... 


Let alone what's going on at the other border that the Chinese share in Kashmir with both Pakistan and India - all nuclear powers unfettered by the Proliferation Treaty.
On top of that, (and at this juncture - who can blame them?) you have the Russians asserting dominance again in Eastern Europe, the Geopolitical map is in a lot of turmoil just awaiting a 'Franz Ferdinand Moment' for the whole shoddy mess to kick off initiating a domino effect that shall likely drag the world into open conflict yet again... well. What is there to say other than the entire shambles can be laid at the feet of the repugnant electoral thief, Joe Biden.
What a time to be alive, huh?

 Personally, I don't think of the Russians as our 'enemy' right now. I certainly don't think that Putin is doing back-flips of joy down the corridors of the Kremlin at the thought of creepy-sleepy Joe, the child-sniffer-in-chief having the nuclear codes as his strings are being pulled in Beijing.


They seem to me a rather conservative nation, proud of their history and culture - other than when the Communists were in charge.

People say it's a 'homophobic' nation as so-called 'pride' parades aren't welcome, but that's nothing to do with acceptance of homosexuality, but an awareness of just what the rainbow flag represents in a political sense - something that appears to elude national leaders in the West - even the so-called conservative ones; let alone the numbnuts of AntiFa or BLM.

Of course, the Communists also denied them their religion, attempting to wipe out the entire history of the Russian Orthodox church.


It's also rather intriguing that we don't hear of how the so-called 'pandemic' has affected them? Were there masks and social distancing and lockdowns occurring across the nation?

It's been rather quiet on that particular front.

We all know that Biden is a hot mess and that the Chinese are all over him... If I were a Russian, that would worry the Hell out of me too. If it really does all kick off, it might just be Russia who prove to be the saviors of Western Civilisation... now, wouldn't THAT be utterly ironic?!

But then there is London

Sadly, I fear that the Khalif of Londonistan has it in the bag already. The Leftist immigrant bloc vote has outnumbered the opposition for years now, and the opposition itself is so fragmented... there's Laurence Fox, David Kurtain and the American bloke off the top of my head... a fragmented vote guarantees a win for Khan. A rather depressing foregone conclusion.



The bleary baffled Boris has all the demeanor of a beleaguered middle manager that's been sent to an underperforming branch office in Staines to make everyone redundant.

It's quite obvious he's been bought and paid for by his masters in Davos - and probably not *that* bothered by the job in hand considering his keen interest in eugenics which he inherited from his father who also happens to be a big fan of social engineering. Any vestige of respect I might have had for him dissipated like a morning mist when he congratulated Biden on his 'win' on the night. Pathetic lickspittle that he most obviously is.


His carefully cultivated facade of disheveled, jocular buffoonery hides an amoral, self-serving shrewd and snide political operator whose voice is immediately available to the highest bidder... who at the moment appears to be his bonkers 'progressive conservative' missus... old shagger has to have his end away after all, eh?

I find it hard to put into words just what an enormous disappointment he is to me... but heck - that doesn't stop me trying. The fact that he is so far ahead in the polls might very well be quite staggering if it weren't for the sheer, hilarious ineptitude of Opposition 'leader' Starmer, an utter joke of a man as to who's rise to such political heights is anyone's guess... the best of a bad lot - and that alone speaks volumes.

Politicians on both sides of the proverbial pond appear to be an unutterable shower.

Surely we deserve a better class of Human Being to lead us through this confected mess other than the unspeakable specimens we currently have to endure.


The Culture War is the war of our time... and it's time for war. A war for time itself - as, if we lose, history itself shall be obliterated, dismembered, rearranged and rewritten, and with notion of family itself destroyed and language co-opted and mangled into a stifling fresh Leftist Lexicon of psychological slavery.

The children in three or so generations, as they are brainwashed from the get-go as they learn the A-B-C's of - not 'English', but 'Alphabet', (Neomarxists cannot but help telegraph their intentions - they think themselves our intellectual superior); well.... those children, bereft of mothers and fathers and siblings, the very words themselves obliterated from the language - well, they won't even know we existed at all.

Everything is on the line. Everything. We MUST not lose the Time War. 

 Written by Infamous T

@infamousT on Gab

 Beyond Redemption. Banned from Twitter SIX times. Culture Warrior, Musician and video producer. Oh, and occasionally write stuff.

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