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When President Trump laid down the gauntlet in 2015 as he descended the escalator and announced that was running for President of the United States of America back in 2016, the enemy knew that they were in for a war where the winners would change the fabric of not only America, but the entire world.

Since then, America has been fighting for its independence and many battles have been won.... and lost.

But the war is not over and, whether or not it is Donald Trump who wins this war is almost irrelevant... he was the man who woke the sleeping giant of patriotism. Now that it is awake, I doubt that it will slumber again. 

But what cannot be ignored is that THIS WAR MUST BE WON. 

As America " celebrates"  the 4th of July, American Independence Day, I have to wonder how independent America truly is? 



Controlled by haters of liberty; manipulated by imposters with ulterior motives and being prostituted to her enemies, America is being shamed and humiiated and she is being brought to her knees by those who loathe her and everything she stands for.

No children who love their mother would allow that to happen. 

And there is no fiercer child of Mother America than Donald Trump. 


I watched the latest Trump Rally from Sarisota in Florida and joined over 400.000 proud Donald J Trump supporters in honouring the rightful President of the United States of America. And that was just on " rumble." 

Though, the term United States of America has become something of a foolish notion because, as time has gone by, it is becoming more disunited and more like a tangled ball of yarn with no way to ever find the thread that bound people together.

The only person who unites America today is Donald Trump and he is being cancelled at such a frightening rate that it is outpacing the cancelling of America and Americans.

Someone asked me today what it was that I GAINED from a Trump Rally. After all, I am an Australian and have never been to America. Surely, the person suggested, it didn't really matter what he said or did in another country, much less as a " defeated " president.


I pondered it and deliberated about a long reply about what I feel when I see him and listen and then I thought no, it is simple really. It came down to seven words. 

My first word is :



Despite the theft of his 2020 re election, I still feel hope. Something I rarely feel these days. What is ironic is that I feel hope from some who was supposedly defeated - yet HE is the one that gives me hope. Not the triumphant pretenders; not the anointed masters of the universe or the rulers of the hallowed halls of power.

It dawned on me that we are Nations of People who support the underdog and always empathise with the person who is being persecuted or treated unfairly by the politicians, the police and or the judiciary.

Just think of the Melbourne Cup where a field of horses is assembled; weighed down with a handicap and then people cheer the most burdened on to win. 


It is our nature to hail the man that sticks his head above the parapet in the name of his RIGHTS and declare proudly that he will FIGHT.

In the old days, they were called martyrs or later Saints. They fell on their swords, fighting for their RIGHT to believe in  justice and freedom.

Since recorded time, people who stood up for these basic human RIGHTS have been villified, tortured, murdered and denigrated. 

Did Jesus Christ die on the cross for being a naughty boy? No. It was because he was seen as a political activist and he undermined the authoritarian power of the Romans.He not only had to go; he had to be made an example of. And, centuries later, no one remembers the Roman Empire, but they remember Jesus Christ.


They also remember Judas, who betrayed him.

Traitors are always remembered Mr Pence. Just ask Benedict Arnold and Judas.

President Trump, like so many good people before him, placed his trust in those around him who often gave him bad counsel. Perhaps, like Judas, they were paid off with 30 pieces of silver. 


Which brings me to my next word:



I trust President Trump. Another thing that is rare in my life these days. I trust so few yet I trust him. Not my Prime Minister, not my state Premier; not the media or the social media. No, I trust Trump.

My third word is



I love him. As I love my father, as I love my mother and as I love my children. Love is a very powerful emotion and it involves giving so much and expecting it to be given back. President Trump has always done that, even to me, as a non American who simply admires from afar. 

My fourth word is



President Trump exudes confidence and strength: of character, resolve and commitment. He is not a quitter. He is a fighter and so engaged in this battle that there is no way that he will yield while breath is in his body.

My fifth word is



He believes in himself. He believes in his cause. He believes in God and the power of prayer. He believes in his country and that his country is worth fighting for. That faith is evident in his commitment and tenacity to keep forging on against all odds.

My sixth word is



Trump doesn't beat around the bush or sugar coat his words. He doesn't patronise, condescend or use confusing terminolgies or political double speak. What you see is what you get, just as it says on the box.

My seventh word is



He sees and understands what is going on. Trump is able to grasp the reality of a situation. He then formulates a plan of action and has the ability to come up with a solution that is best for his country and fellow citizen. 

In today's uncertain times, it is rare to find one person who can offer hope, trust, love, strength, faith, frankness and perception. 

It is little wonder that the leftist marxist carbal are determined to bring him to his knees. 

And little wonder why so many of us are standing at his side, cheering him on and offering our support. 


The dirt and lies that have been spread about him by MSM and politicians are indicative of the threat that he poses to them and all that they have worked so hard to create: much like a young 33 year old man 2000 years ago threatened the dictatorship of the Romans. 

It does not matter for the purposes of this piece whether Jesus was the Son of God or a mere mortal trying to bring about change. Or a combination of the two, for I have long held that we are children of God but that is another story. 

It does matter that there are certain parallels and few people today have the ability to display the virtues of hope, trust, love, strength, faith, frankness and perception.

Whether he is the man who will lead the world back to sanity or merely the man who sowed the idea, it is unimportant. He represents all the things that we need so desperately in the dark days ahead.

So, when I was asked what I gained from watching a Trump Rally, I simply replied " if you watch one, you'll know. " 

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