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 Why do the Democrats hate him? Why do leaders of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other Nations around the world hate him so much?

Is it hatred or fear?

Why do people from around the world, and within his own Nation hate him so much? After all, he has lowered unemployment to record levels, increased wages, reduced taxes and overseen the American economy booming. American manufacturing is thriving... yet he is not at all popular with some. Why is that?

President Trump had no background in Politics. He was a businessman.  Sure, he knew Politicians but he also knew sportsmen and women but he didn’t become a professional golfer.

During the 2016 Primaries, he came out of nowhere. I remember it clearly. To be honest, I have never engaged with the dizzy bullshit of the candidacy for nomination .. it always seemed like a replay of the past and there is only so much rubbish that you can listen to.

One day, I happened upon a website RSBN.tv, as it was back then, and I watched a broadcast of Trump speaking to the People. I was hooked.

To this day, I do not remember how I came to watch the broadcast. All I knew was that Donald Trump had my attention. I could not wait for his next rally.


I watched Diamond and Silk and became a fan of these two wonderful Trump supporters.  As the campaign moved on I became addicted to Trump. He made me feel good. He made me feel hope, confidence and  a sense of deep and profound well being. He spoke to ME.  Unlike alcohol, cocaine or drugs, there was no downside to a Trump addiction: one never woke up with a hangover from an evening with Donald Trump.

The Don doesn’t drink, smoke or take drugs. He is quietly a man of Faith. He does not lecture or pontificate. He just talks with us and lifts our spirits and makes us feel like we belong.

As time went by, I eagerly awaited the next RSBN broadcast on youtube of whatever rally it may be. I watched him in airport hangars, stadiums, places I can no longer remember... and, in the chat on the side of the youtube broadcast, I saw the other Trump supporters as enthused as I was.

The night that the election results came in, I was on my knees praying and I have not done that in a long long time. I prayed that Donald J Trump would be the next President of the United States of America. I prayed with all of my heart and my soul and every sense of my being that he would triumph.

And he did.


In the past 2 years, I have seen the Democrats throw everything they can at the duly elected President of the most influential Nation in the world. Yet he has stood. And stood firm.

They have thrown mud. Filth. Lies.  He has stood firm. This man, this human being, this father and son and brother... this PRESIDENT ... has shown more backbone and guts and courage and strength than , well, a very long time.

Is this why they fear him and hate him so much? Because he will not bow down? Be kow towed? Be a pawn in THEIR game?

President Donal J Trump is a man who is a force to be reckoned with and he has the left running scared.

Why? Because he cannot be bought and he cannot get pissed and he cannot get stoned or compromised.  

He is so much smarter than his enemies. He is a Patriot.

And that is why they are scared.


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