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A boomerang is an ancient weapon created by Australian Aboriginal ( Indigenous ) People. It was a hunting weapon. If it hit its target, the prey and the boomerang could be used for the future. In the case of the prey for food, clothing and in the case of the weapon, to be recycled to use again.

If, on the other hand, the weapon missed its target, it would come back to wait until it could be hurled in the future to harvest its prey.

Trump is a master boomerang hurler. He throws them out and sometimes hits and sometimes misses. But he always knows his target. When he misses, the prey, whether it be a kangaroo, a snake or a wayward lizard, he will always know that it was nearly a victim and it feels fear of the next attack.

The ” missed kangaroo “ feels the presence of the mighty warrior that stalks it; the shadow that follows it and tries to hide in caves and gullies. But it can never rest easily for fear that the boomerang slayer is close behind. Ready to launch the shot that will kill it or , worse stun it.

The stun is the worst shot. The prey is still alive and fully aware that it is about to be vanquished. No, death is preferable to stunning. At least death is a quick kill. But to stun you? ? To stun is actually terror: to come back to consciousness and see the eyes of your hunter staring at you and ready – not to kill you, but to torture you.

Trump is a very skilled hunter.

He is a skilled boomerang thrower and a skilled hunter. That person is also a skilled watcher. He watches and waits. He can see you without being seen. He is the magic man, the invisible man, the man you see but do not see.  

Today, the victim knows that it is being stalked. It knows that it is under attack. And it is fighting back, snarling and scratching against a foe that it cannot see and does not understand. It simply knows that it is in danger.

Its allies are being picked off, one by one. It lurks in dark places and in shadows and tries to step back and huddle in anonymity but the master hunter is out there and everyday he is throwing boomerangs and seeking his target. He misses. He stuns. He kills. But he always knows where his target is hiding.

Are you nervous? Are you scared? If you are one of his hunted, you should be alarmed. Very alarmed.

When you are in this hunter’s aim, you will never escape. He may save you for later or pounce on you in the middle of the night or first dawn.

But you will never sleep. You will always be waiting for the thud of the boomerang, the hiss of its power or the horror of waking up and finding out that you were simply stunned.

How many people around the world are worried about this magical hunter? Frightened, terrified to hear the hiss and the bang of being hit?

Many, I suspect.

And as much as they snarl and try to claw their way out of the cave that they sought for refuge… they are captives.  The man in America has them bailed up, afraid to move and unable to function.

Boomerangs are weapons.

Be glad that they come back, in the short term,  because that means that they missed. But they will come back. Again and again and again.

A few are now seeing what happens if they got hit. And it is not pretty.

Personally, I would wave a white flag and head on out in to the fresh air and surrender. Because living in the darkness is no life at all.


thanks to @noap777 for the image.
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