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No one is doing anything to combat the filth of pedophilia, prostitution of morals and integrity and ethic. No one. Except Trump. The rest of them are selling out to corporate greed and self gratification. Trump has sufficient money that he can take the moral high ground. Thank God. When a person cannot be bought, he is dangerous. That is why they want to bring Trump down.




He cannot be bought. I used to wonder why the President of the United States of America was always rich. To fund his bid. To promote himself. Someone who was poor could never do what a Presidential nominee could do. I find myself wondering how so many democrats have so much money when they clearly hate capitalism and embrace socialism?

Surely, if they truly believed that we need to embrace the poor, they would surrender their own personal fortunes to the needy illegal aliens and then rely on the good will of the self same illegals to fund their campaign? But no. Not sure quite why.

I also find it strange that the Obama's and Clinton's come in with little and leave with so much. Yet Trump comes in with so much and will leave with less.

How does that work out? Must be something to do with Trump being a Capitalist and the Clintons and Obamas being Socialists... you know, where they give away to the poor... oh wait, that was Trump... my error. The Clintons and the Obamas are so generous and Trump is a miserly old Capitalist.. NOT. Will one of you Clinton and Obama supporters tell me why it is that both families left so rich and Trump didn't make a dime?

It seems, to me at least, that being the President of the United States of America, is a rather important job. Something that is extremely honoured. Almost revered.

Unlike the position of the Queen of England, which is inherited, the position of President of the United States of America is awarded through public acclimimation.

And only given for a few short years.

Yet so many past Presidents these days seems to increase their wealth rather well... it seems to be a pretty good gig. 

President Trump is so wealthy that he cannot be bought. Read it again.

President Trump is so wealthy that he cannot be bought.

Yes. Bottom line. That is a rather important thing to remember.

The way I look at things today is that President Trump has no agenda, no axe to grind, no money to make, no mate to pay back. No debts to fulfil, promises to keep or agreements to fulfil. In short, 


And that, my friends, is why "they" hate Trump.

He is no ones man, no ones fool and no ones puppet. They tried to bring dirt to the fore - his roving eye - but all it did was endear him more to his adoring fans, including me, that he was an alpha male.

Donald Trump is and was an alpha male. He is not an soy boy, a sensitive new age guy or a chap who tells you to be strong and not a pink hat.

No. He is my father, your father, your Brother, your Son and your Uncle, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

Trump is a MAN.  And God bless him and long may he be our father in this world working with our Lord in Heaven.










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