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It’s a pretty fair bet that Trump will romp home in 2020 – the Democrats are hard pressed to find a candidate to challenge – unless they do as I suggested back in April that they may bring in a late entrant… but, on the current offering, it looks like a slam dunk. Barring voter fraud, George Soros and the Arkancide factor.

That arkancide factor is the biggie – if Trump ends up committing suicide by strangling himself, shooting himself in the back of the head and then throwing himself in front of a bullet, then America will be in Civil War and the election will be the least of the problems facing USA in 2020.

Assuming my favourite President of all time is able to withstand the hatred, the BS and the mud, he will be President until 2024. But what then?

My pick is Don Jr. He is a great public speaker and he rallies people to the cause. He is inspiring in the Rally warm ups, is an accomplished social media user and has an awesome ability to call a spade a spade. He goes for the jugular and never minces his words. There is no hint of “ woke “ in his words or actions and, like his father, he has the strength of his convictions. Being younger, he does not have the physical presence of his father. He does not have his maturity. He does not have the hair or the tan. But he does have the grit and the sheer bit of a bastard about him.  He is not a Politician.


Marital stability is no longer a pre requisite to the Presidency. So that he is divorced is immaterial. He is a committed hunter – which I personally do not agree with it – but it does make him pro guns. He is a bloody brilliant contender.  I think my biggest reason for believing he is the best 2024 contender is he is Trump’s son and what is wrong with another dynasty?

Maybe that is what America instinctively needs and wants – a Royal Family.

I watched my Mother’s dog gnaw a bone and, after much chewing and enjoyment, he ( a little Jack Russell ) headed off to bury his bone in the garden. I said to my Mother “ isn’t it extraordinary that after all of these years and generations, dogs still have the instinct to bury bones? “ 

The bone is too big for Don Jr right now, but a few years could make a big difference.


Maybe we are like that little Jack Russell… it is in our DNA to accept and embrace a sense of a Leader who is a Ruler and part of a dynastic Family. The Kennedy’s, the Bush Dynasty, and maybe the Trump Dynasty?

 One shot wonders are not part of America’s  DNA, unless Big Mitch makes a bid on behalf of the Democrats to try and create an Obama Dynastic Legacy. But, even then, I cannot see her winning the hearts and minds of the Silent Majority of Americans who value Sincerity, Commitment, Hard Work and Patriotism.

No, I suspect that Don Jr will become the President in 2024 and he will be a damned fine President. In 2032 maybe we will see Barron Trump? Who knows.

If Don Jr is to hope to become the next President, however, he needs to choose his woman carefully or it will be all over for him. A Meghan Markle will simply not do.


Choose your woman carefully Don – your future and the future of your Nation may  depend on it.

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