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So many normal people with normal views are talking about the betrayal of our Politicians. The groundswell of decent folk who have had a gutful of being abandoned and ignored in order to pander to the wishes of the leftist mob who currently rule the airwaves, the TV screens and the printed media. Our voices re being ignored, our voting suystem stacked to diminish our voice. Yet we still speak. 



 On Pickering Post today, I read a comment that resonated with me. Poster John Samson wrote:


I had to write this after hearing PM Morrison’s New Year message. He is a good man no doubt but was without an air of confidence. He’s staring into an imminent car crash within months. I heard what he said but can only remember one word. Choice, meaning it’s either himself or you know who. 
The current running commentary and polls have Bill Shorten a certainty for PM and one has to be exceptionally good, a fighter and one with guts and fire to give him a run for his money. Right now all he has to do is just sit around and wait for the keys to The Lodge.

Mr Morrison, you are a good man and I have my respect for you, but there comes a time when good is not good enough. Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush were good men but goodness alone wasn’t enough to forestall the forgone conclusion of Hillary Clinton becoming president. The situation required someone unconventional, better than good, someone with exceptional qualities in the fight to take the presidency for the good of his country. Hillary and the Democrats thought Donald Trump was a soft target out of the GOP candidates and when he won the nomination, they celebrated victory. Enter Donald John Trump the fighter and the rest is history. We have that opportunity with Peter Dutton who will take the fight to the opposition from day one, if he became PM now, rather than waiting for them to show up. Right now Labor sees no man standing in their way. Unleash Dutton and they have a fight on their hands. If Dutton is the most hated by the Left and media, he’s the man!

Campaigning by Dutton would be easier and cheaper. Like Trump, he could get free air time by dropping common sense bombshells for the media who’ll swarm all over him and hand over their microphones and he could slay them with the hard facts on migration, energy and that Paris scam, things that will jolt people into listening and making their choice rather than the monotonous jobs and growth and choice slogans that have become meaningless. 
Give Dutton the chance. I believe the silent majority is fed up with uncontrolled migration, the gangs of violence ravaging Victoria, handing over prime real estate to alien governments, out of control power prices inflicted upon us by politicians and corporate profiteers serving alien unelected climate fraudsters in the name of renewables, killing off reliable baseload power with their higher percentage emission targets, a fantasy that does nothing to change the climate.

In the theme of the PM’s offer of choice, the choice for him is clear. Either to become an opposition backbencher or as a minister in a Dutton team and save the ship. 

Dutton could turn out to be a great prime minister, and he has that potential. Ignore the ‘constant changes in PM’ moaning by the Left because they fear Dutton more than the Coalition’s strategising if Dutton and Morrison traded positions now for the good of Australia.

PS. I thank Larry Pickering (RIP) for us to write our minds without censure in this great forum of free speech. Long live The Pickering Post!



There are many of us who feel the same. 


The Office of Prime Minister has become a prize, not an honour. To become PM is now all about the holder, not the Nation. We no longer have Statesmen. 

If Morrison truly loved Australia, he would step down and allow Peter Dutton to do the job... to protect and defend Australia and ensure that its People are free to be prosper as Australians.


Not African Australians, not Muslim Australians, not Nepalese Australians... Australians. New Australians is just fine and dandy. But to give a double barrelled name to citizens of Australia is to denigrate our Australian character, our blended family. 


You see, Australia was founded by migrants from all parts of the world and we blended and mucked in. We celebrated our cricket, our BBQ's, our surfing and our larrakinism. We loved our great Aussie heroes. But we loved them because they loved us.


Our current batch of Politicians seem to constantly apologise for being too Australian. 


It is rather on trend to applaud Lesbians, Gays, transgenders, Muslims, Somalians, Sudanese, feminists, vegans and castigate the white heterosexual male or female who still thinks that blokes are blokes, women are women and kids are kids. Little boys, little girls, grown up men and grown up women who work hard to make a family unit. These odd folk who get married and raise a family and work hard, pay taxes, respect their National Flag.. these terrible odd people are now painted as intolerant and lacking in compassion.


In the words of Fraser Anning:


 “Fifty years ago, if a communist pervert had proposed that our nation’s children be forced to listen to sexually deviant propaganda, they would probably have been strung up......The ridiculous lie that gender is variable or fluid would be laughable if its intent were not so sinister.... The real goal of the Safe Schools Commo perverts is absolutely nothing to do with safety in schools or compassion. Safe schools is a dangerous and degenerate program.”



The farmers who slog their guts out each day against the odds are now facing drought and the frustration of State Governments who fine them for wanting to feed stock . How dare they? No tree felling, no fire breaks because it could hut the environment. Bugger the fact that the farmer and his family are starving, the stock re starving and the wildlife are being wiped out by bush fires. 

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Old people freezing to death because electricity is too expensive, but their deaths are just fine because it will save the environment. 


Young Australians are being raped, slaughtered by migrants.. but that is OK. Because these poor young refugees need tolerance and understanding. Tell that to the parents of the murdered, the slaughtered. Tell that to the souls of those that lost their lives at Lindt Cafe. 


We need Dutton. Now. 


We need a Prime Minister who values the Nation we know as Australia. We need a Leader, not a sycophant. We need someone who has the balls to stand up and fight for us. We need a Prime Minister and a Cabinet who does not put the views of intolerant left wing nutcases and religious zealots before what is right for the 9 out of ten Australians who work, pay taxes and support the Welfare State that Australia is so proud of. 

Australia rode to success on the sheep's back. The leftist lunatics want to cull the herds of cattle, stop the use of our Natural Resources and suppress the broadcast of facts in favour of propaganda.

quote if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it and you will even come to believe joseph goebbels 141 92 76


If Morrison was a true Patriot, he would step down and allow Dutton to lead us. Because Morrison is weak, still in love with Turnbull and too cowardly to admit that he is in it for the glory, not the desire to work for Australia, he will fail and leave us saddled with a Government that will bring Australia to its knees and be forever changed.For the worse.

God help us because Shorten won't.


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