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Scott Morrison took a 5 day holiday during the worst bushfire crisis in a few decades. He was photographed relaxing in Hawaii whilst his predecessor Mr Tony Abbott was out fighting bushfires as part of the volunteer fire brigade and his other former Prime Minister chum, Malcolm Turnbull was tweeting and bleating about climate change. Well, Scomo, you walked right in to that bloody disaster of a Public Relations Nightmare.

No, it is NOT your responsibility to look after bushfires, water management or drought. Yes, that IS the State’s responsibility.

BUT, BUT, BUT… you had a perfect opportunity to turn the Labor controlled States on their fake news toes by reminding voters that you were helpless in this time of great need for the Australian people and that you wanted the Premiers to put aside their political and green, leftist, climate change agendas FOR THE GOOD OF THE NATION.

Mr Prime Minister, this was your moment to shine. This was your greatest chance to land a blow for the Queensland led Labor Government to be hurled out of power by staying in Australia and demanding that the States do their bloody job.

It was a chance to support our volunteer firefighters to stop this horrendous neglect of our National Parks , this absurd and obscene lack of punishment for juvenile arsonists; this mismanagement of our water infrastructure; this out of control lack of National Park management and this lack of cohesive conversation and cooperation between our State Premiers.

I understand that our Military are not trained to “ man the hoses”. How long, Mr Morrison, would it take to train our military to man the hoses? Our Nation has been burning for months and it did not occur to you that our Military could have been trained by now?

Sir, I do not criticise you for having a 5 day holiday.

But I do criticise you for popping off for a holiday when there is so much that you, as the Prime Minister could do BUT DID NOT.

You could have ensured that the Deputy Prime Minister, Acting Prime Minister McCormack, did his bloody job instead of standing around like a spare prick at a wedding and said, done and reacted at nothing.

He has been less than a Deputy, less than an Acting Prime Minister, less than a caretaker and more like the useless, shell shocked idiot that he is: a roo in the headlights, standing in the middle of the road and about ready to be mowed down by the 18 wheeler steaming towards him in the form of the media.

Your mistake, Mr Morrison, was assuming that McCormack could hold the fort. It was also that your miracle election win was still giving you brownie points.

You left Australia in incompetent hands and you failed to tackle the real problem: State incompetent governance and the need for a round table meeting with the Premiers to get them to do their bloody job: Look after their people.


Your honeymoon is over. You were elected Prime Minister. If the States are not doing their job, YOUR job is to make sure they do it.

Quite frankly, I am sick of this State, Federal, not my job bullshit.

Oh, I know that most of my preferred media commentators disagree with me – the PM is entitled to go on holiday…

But I have to say that this is a cop out and I am sick to death of the hot potato “ not my job” rubbish.

If the Prime Minister of Australia sits on a beach in Hawaii while his country burns, his farmers starve and his people have no water – and his only answer is that it is not his fault it is the State’s fault – then surely, surely to God, he should be here shouting it from the rooftops and yelling, with a proud and defiant and passionate voice

“ State Premiers: This has to stop and it has to stop NOW. “

Is that not what we want to hear?

For crying out loud, develop a spine and stand up to the leftist rubbish; tell the fake news to go fuck themselves and start doing what you were elected to do

Restore normality, common sense and, for God’s sake, turn in to a man, not a wimp.

If you do not, we may as well have voted for Shorten and stopped this death by a thousand cuts.

Because, at this rate, we are no better off except that our death is just longer and more miserable.

We could have taken the Shorten pill – the end result will be the same.

death of a thousand cuts e1472128923306

Death by a thousand Cuts. 

And yes Mr Morrison, you are making it easy. Shame on you. 



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