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The Victorian Police Commissioner Graham Ashton defended a Melbourne police station’s decision to fly the Chinese flag on the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic, saying it was merely a way of engaging the local Chinese Australian Community.

On Tuesday, Box Hill police station flew the flag, alongside an Australian flag, during a ceremony which also featured the Chinese national anthem.

It is interesting to consider what the anniversary “ celebrates. “







It celebrates the birth of a Party and the death of a Nation really. Because, 70 years ago, China ceased to be a country with thousands of years of traditional history and tragically became a collection of Party Members. Each person became a “ citizen “ and each citizen had to follow the Party line.

Over the decades, hundreds of thousands of Chinese fled the Nation of their birth. It was NOT because they did not love their country, their traditions, their history, their culture and their hills and valleys: It was because they DID love these things.

For anyone in a Nation such as Australia to celebrate this theft is insulting to the people of Hong Kong, Tibet and others who have been threatened with the breath of the Dragon. It is an insult to each and every person who has managed to escape the tyranny of a Communist Dictatorship that tells its People how to think, what to think and what to say, not say or worse still, how to feel.

It is with shame and horror that I write this – to imagine that a day of mourning is celebrated in Australia is beyond my comprehension.

On October 1, 1949, Mao Tse Tung proclaimed the foundation of the People’s Republic of China  and it heralded a time of conflict, famine and incredible social and political change. From the Korean War less than a year later, when so many died, the famine in the late 50’s and early 60’s that saw up to 45 million people perish – Chairman Mao oversaw the deliberate destruction of Chinese artefacts and the old ways.

Chairman Mao was in charge during the time when millions more died in labour camps because those people did not agree with his vision for the future.

The People of Tibet were abandoned by the rest of the world and they saw their kind and tranquil Nation overtaken by China. Not a sound. Crickets, as their voices were stifled, their culture put on life support and their way of life forever changed.

In 2019, in Australia, the Chinese flag flew over a Police Station in Victoria, Australia.


This morning, it was announced that the Premier of Victoria is heading off to China to, according to The Australian,

“ Last year Mr Andrews broke ranks with the federal government to sign a memorandum of understanding with Beijing on the controversial Belt and Road Initiative on trade and investment — an initiative seen by Canberra as a vehicle for Chinese regional and global expansion.”

A Chinese Australian Hong Kong born Member of Parliament, Gladys Liu, was pictured cutting a birthday cake at this “ celebration. “ She herself has been under a bit of a cloud over alleged donation improprieties and memberships of certain Chinese organisations…

China has been busy buying Australian farming land, opening Confucius Institutes at our Universities and taking control of our infrastructure.

Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison is really up against it: much like President Trump in America.

When State Governments and State Bodies decide to do their own thing, the outcome is not going to be good.

Victoria is the California of Australia: running a narrative that is so very much against the vibe of the Nation and there is nothing we can seemingly do to stop it.

To celebrate mass murder and the birth of a tyrannical dictatorship that has murdered, killed and destroyed millions of lives in their own country, why the hell are we celebrating the existence of such an evil and wicked regime?

70 years of hell for the Chinese People and Victoria celebrates?

Your State was named after Queen Victoria; your capital after her trusted advisor, Prime Minister Lord Melbourne.

Somehow, I suspect that she “ would not be amused. “

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