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Well done, Dr Phelps. Didn’t that do well?

At last, your Medevac legislation has been aborted and sent to the sluice room. Where it belongs, I might add. You were in Parliament for less than a year – roughly nine months to be exact.

Yes Dr Phelps, your career as a Politician was conceived on 16th September 2018 and abruptly terminated on 20th May 2019. At about 8 months gestation. Like the babies you so freely advocate for being murdered, you career was aborted just shy of 9 months.

How apt is that?

You have been very vocal for the right of the mother in abortion and that it would appear a baby has no rights whatsoever… I find it rather ironic that your political career was aborted – not quite in the birth canal, but not far off it.

I am no fan of abortion. In fact, I find it abhorrent. But what I do find somewhat amusing is that the Australian voter who created your Political career decided “ nah, it’s not what I wanted. Please take it away. “ So you got flushed down the electoral toilet.


In your 8 months of life within the Canberra womb, you gave birth to a bill known as the Medevac Bill. This child of yours, borne out of a love affair with the left and the social justice warriors with whom you metaphorically enjoy pillow talk was born and became the Medevac Legislation.

Your child was the offspring of this marriage of left wing ideologies and yourself – the Mother who carried this damaged “ child “ and left to the Country of Australia to rear and look after.

Well, it just passed away. Aborted.

There is no point in you or any of your followers crying foul on this: after all – aren’t you the advocate of the mother’s right to kill off a child that is not wanted?

In July of 2019 it was bornand in December 2019 it passed away.

Your child was terminated today Dr Phelps. How do you feel? Grief stricken? Bereft?

I suspect that you will be feeling very sad that your baby died today 4th December 2019, just a few months old…. But think, Dr Phelps… just for a moment.

Babies are terminated all around the world by Doctors like you. Before they even draw breath.

At least your baby “ Bill” drew breath and saw the world.


If you feel a gap in your life , have a think about  the transgender " patient "  in Canada looking for some assistance with women;'s issues. His name is Jessica and his balls needed waxing. That didn't work but now he is looking for a gyneacologist to check out his balls.... no doubt you can find a spot in your appointment book to examine his bits and bobs.

Have a nice day.


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