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After all of this time, Brenton Tarrant has now chosen to plead guilty to charges laid on him in relation to the Christchurch Mosque Massacre... why am I getting a feeling that this is rather unusual?

You may remember that Mr Tarrant stole a life of bliss from a little known and often disregarded Nation at the bottom of the world when he allegedly entered a mosque in Christchurch and allegedly killed 51 Moslems back in March 2019.

I use the word allegedly with caution - up until today, Mr Tarrant, the " Right Wing Trump loving hater of Islam " had plead not guilty. For some reason, he has done a complete about face and chosen to plead GUILTY.

Why now? Why suddenly decide to confess his sins and say " Fair cop, mate. "

Why do I have this feeling that the timing is rather strange? In the middle of a Nation wide lockdown, when the entire country is pre occupied with Covid-19 and struggling with strict Citizen monitoring and restriction of movement and everyday life - why now? Why today? 

Could it possibly be that a deal has been done? If so, what was that deal? If not, I would dearly love to ask Mr Tarrant what motivated him to change trajectory and admit fault in something that he hitherto said that he did not do. 

Back in March I wrote about this very subject and wondered what could possibly be the real agenda. Was it to steal the guns from the average Kiwi? Days later, the guns were taken from the Kiwis and their Civil Liberties were diminished, much like those of the Australians living across the ditch when the Martin Bryant Massacre occured in 1996.  As human emotion was running high, Australians queued up to hand over their weapons and the right to defend themselves  and over 20 years later, the Kiwis did the same. 

From May to October 1996, Bryant had insisted on his innocence, including at a hearing on September 30, 1996. But when his new lawyer, John Avery, came aboard, Bryant changed his plea to guilty. What was strange, back then, was that in murder cases, even when the accused pleads guilty, it is customary to hold a trial.

But Bryant had no trial, just a sentencing.

I have to wonder: is this starting to look like a replay, a Groundhog Day when protestations of innocence suddenly change to a plea of guilty?

With Martin Bryant, he was an intellectually challenged person who was  a troubled young man whose father had died and he later received an inheritance from an acquaintance which allowed him to " do as he pleased. " He showed a pattern of resentment and isolation that finally ended in a crescendo of bullets and horror. 

Where Mr Tarrant is concerned, I watched the videos ( those that were banned - before it was a crime to watch them ) and I have to say that I have concerns as to how what is reported relates to what may or may not have actually happened.

My big concern is this: The similarities between what happened at Port Arthur and Christchurch are in many respects eerily similar. 

A troubled person in 1996 vehemently pleading innocence and then changing that vehemance to a shrug of the shoulders and a Guilty plea just does not make sense.

Here we are today, some 24 years on, and a troubled person  " His father died at age 49 of cancer in 2010, ABC reported. Brenton Tarrant inherited money when his dad died, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, and he used the money to travel the world. " has done a Martin Bryant and fallen on his sword and done  exactly the same thing. 


Both men lost their fathers. Both men received an inheritance. Both men were socially inept. Both men plead not guilty to murder and both men changed their plea to Guilty.

And both our countries took our guns and changed our lives forever. 

With both of these people pleading guilty, the " facts " have never come out because there was and never will be no court case.

While Martin Bryant rots in a cell in Australia, what fate awaits Brenton Tarrant? Unlike Bryant, Tarrant appears to be a very intelligent person, irregardless of his political leanings. I read his manifesto and it would have been impossible for someone of a low intellect to have composed such a piece. It was written, either by a very passionate political activist - or it was written by someone else. If Tarrant did write it, I simply cannot understand why he would plead guilty to a crime that he did not see as a crime... in his mind at least. Tarrant, in his manifesto, said that his affinity towards The People’s Republic of China was his main game and it would seem his political allegiances lie with Communist China....could this be the answer to the question? 

His Winnie the Pooh controllers told him to say " Yes " and avoid the inevitable trial and potential exposure to the possible reality that was, indeed, a Socialist stunt that gave a stronghold in the South Pacific, by a self confessed Socialist to overtake a Nation? 


Fear is a great weapon. And right now, Fear controls our world.

Brenton Tarrant may be buried in the annals of time and forgotten by those who merely see the hijab and the Kiwi Prime Minister offering solidarity. But many, like me, wanted to see Justice.and Truth. 

We will never see this, now that Brenton Tarrant has perhaps done his Master's bidding and fallen on his sword. And what a sword it is. Stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands, throughout the world, all to give " Winnie the Wuflu " the chance to buy the world.

Let us look to see how much China buys New Zealand and Australia and how Brenton Tarrant disappears in to the ether of the Forgotten.

Unlike Martin Bryant, who may or may not have been a patsy and an unwitting victim of Political manipulation - who am I to say?  I can say this: Brenton Tarrant was, is and always will be an unknown person who changed one country forever and seems to have paid his debt to his Masters.  

I can only wonder where Brenton Tarrant will end up. For myself, I suspect that he will disappear like a breeze or a slight whisper of wind and never be heard from again.

No doubt learning Mandarin. 

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