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Christchurch shooting. The perfect recipe. Radical, white males shoot up a mosque and outrage a country. Neo nazi white far right murder innocent peaceful islamic devotees at prayer on a day of children protesting climate change. Little kids celebrating their love of their planet are terrified in a hail of bullets as the world comes crashing down on their hopes and dreams.?
I just watched Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaking with emotion and heartfelt anguish.  The woman known as " Cindy "  has pulled off a coup? Who has gotten some stupid neo Nazi dipshits to fall on their swords so that white Conservative citizens are now vilified and moslems are now heroes and objects of sympathy?
The last bastion of normality is now being targeted? " Kiwiland " . Older New Zealanders would be in meltdown at what has happened today.
The world has gone crazy. And this madness that hitherto resided in alternative Universes is now seeing landing craft descending on New Zealand. Dr Who? Peter F Hamilton? Or, John Wyndham? Of course, no one would have a clue who I am talking about... but that is another story.
Mark my words, hide your guns and stock up on ammo. You will be asked to surrender your guns, in my opinion, and you will see hate speech legislation passed in the not to distant future.
The ramifications are enormous for NZ.
Within months, will you be asked, as a populace to disarm?  And will you overwhelmingly vote to surrender your guns? Consider the concept of a pair and a spare.
" Cindy " will embrace the arrival of Islamic refugees and migrants. She will declare that NZ is an all embracing inclusive country and she will have " no alternative " but to be brave, courageous and all embracing to all people from all religions and all countries.
She will be applauded. She will be hailed. She will get a guaranteed second term.
Meanwhile Kiwis will lose the right to bear arms, the right to speak freely; the right to be angry.
 What a bloody mess.   
Mark my words, the shooters will turn out to be mentally deranged idiots with a history of instability and they will be popped in to a mental institution to grow fat and old -  could they be Trump supporters? hmmm.... gee, what a conundrum....
I wonder if New Zealand is at a Crossroads..... what off ramp will Jacinda Ardern choose - and is it the one that you would choose? 
But, more importantly, who is behind this? I wonder.....

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