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I sit here, amazed, gobsmacked and in shock that the man who won the unwinnable election has now potentially lost his Prime Ministership through bad marketing, bad management and bad attitude.

It was all his to keep. All his to hold on to – yet he has thrown it away with one disastrous Public Relations nightmare after another.

For a man who is supposedly an expert in marketing, Morrison has executed probably the worst marketing campaign in global history. He has turned a national emergency in to a political emergency and the left have not laid a finger on him. Whoever is in charge of the left media for Victoria and Albanese has done a top job. Full marks. Don’t screw your opponent when they are screwing themselves.

Albanese has said nothing negative. Neither has greenie labor leader Andrews in Victoria: why would they? Yes, leave Morrison to throw himself under the bus. Again. And again. And again. Hell, don’t do a damn thing. Just sit back and let him crucify himself.

Can we get one thing straight right now? It is not and never has been the role of the Prime Minister to deal with water and disaster issues. That is the role of STATE Government. Not Federal. The Prime Minister can only offer assistance to the States IF IT IS REQUESTED.

This is why it has been tough for him over the past months in the drought and in our fire emergencies.

Did you know that? Did Prime Minister Morrison address the Nation and explain that? No, he did not. He is guilty of assumption. Unfortunately, Morrison has ASSUMED that people know that he is half way between the rock and the hard spot… ( mental note to self – never assume ).

His disastrous facebook post about the deployment of Australian Defense Force personnel with a big “ Donate “ button – which led people to think that they were donating to the bushfires but was actually donating to the Liberal Party? Come on…. And the creation of an ad that promoted what the Liberal Party was doing for the fires? Seriously? And Morrison calls himself a marketing expert?


I am a Conservative through and through. I abhor the socialist left of politics and I have not and will NEVER vote for Labor…. But, oh, dear oh bloody dear… Scott Morrison has totally buggered this up in a way that I never thought possible.

Yes, I acknowledge that this is not his responsibility. It is the State Premiers who need to sort this and all he can do is offer support when it is requested. Under the Australian Constitution this is NOT Federal Government responsibility: it is the STATES and therefore the Premiers. The Prime Minister can only intervene and help IF requested.

I get that.

But why has he not tackled this with an address to the Nation and explained this to people? Why has he bumbled from Public Relations nightmare to PR nightmare – seemingly unaware that the leftist MSM are waiting in the wings with their talons out and poised for any gap in his defense?

Can we be honest? He has stuffed up. Big time. He waited too long to mobilise the Defense Forces. He has delivered ONE BAG of groceries to a community and he has done the worst thing of all:

He put his hands in his pockets.

Bear with me here. Any one, just anyone in public life knows that putting your hands in your pockets in a time of tragedy is a no no. It comes across as insincere and “ hiding something. “


I wish, with all my heart, that I could find one thing that he has done right – but I can’t.

Scott Morrison has sabotaged his Party, his Government and his People. He has screwed up and, as much as I hate to say it, he should resign and resign now.

Everything he has done and said has been used as a weapon against him and he should have known better.

His errors have been rookie errors.

Prime Ministers and Leaders cannot afford rookie errors. And, certainly not as many as Scott Morrison has made.

For myself, I want Peter Dutton to take over as Prime Minister and, as much as I dislike Barnaby Joyce’s moral integrity, bring him back as Deputy.

I don’t wish to share Barnaby’s bed but I like his gutsy political passion…. His marital issues are not my concern if he can get the bloody job done.

Peter Dutton is a somber man. On face value humourless and without media appeal. He will do me for a Prime Minister. I want someone to do the bloody job of governing Australia, not winning a spot on “ Australian Survivor”.

Can we please get a Leader who doesn’t give a shit about how popular he is, how well his photo ops go or how his twitter is trending?


Can we get a Conservative Leader who will not stand in the middle of the road, afraid to choose a lane – and is now being run over? You should have taken a side Mr Morrison and chosen your side well. Our country depended upon you. You did not choose. Stand aside, and let someone stronger walk to the side of the road and say “ I choose Australia and Australians. “

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