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You need only watch Monty Python's "The Holy Grail " or "The Meaning of Life ""Life of Brian "or the multitude of sketches they churned out each week in their Flying Circus to see the tragedy and foolishness of the satire that Brexit has become. Indeed, many of the classic Python pieces show remarkable insight into the complete disaster it has become.






While John Cleese supported Brexit saying “I don’t want to be run by a bunch of European bureaucrats because they always look after themselves first...It will be five years before we know if it was a good thing or a bad thing, or if it will be a hard of soft exit.”, it is hardly surprising. Brexit started out, as all Python satire does, with a basic premise of rational behaviour.
To stay in the EU or to leave. Once it was decided, by referendum to leave, the skit could commence. 
All of Python's humour set out a basic premise that was accepted and then the satire would begin.
How to return a dead parrot springs to mind. Because, in effect, Britain was sold a dead parrot.

When the UK try to return it, they have been pretty complained until they are "blue in the mouth " . No refunds basically. 

Britain needed a brave King Arthur to confront the Black Knight. 
Instead, they got a Patsy and it was Britain that became the Black Knight. Legless and totally defeated, yet still denying defeat. Thank you to Theresa May and her minions.
Who could forget the scene where the French mock King Arthur? Because with the Brexit "negotiations "France is still saying "I fart in your general direction!".
Brexit has shown that this is a satire of Pythonesque proportions; a story of exaggerated absurdity and underwhelming cowardice.
Theresa May is banging a coconut and expecting us to believe she is on a white charger, fighting the EU with her metaphorical legs and arms chopped off and hoping that the British people swallow her garbage that she is Queen of the Brits. 
Yet the bottom line is that Britain was sold a dead parrot and the prospect of a refund, under her stewardship, is pretty remote.

Instead, she is asking the Brits to pay the pet shop owner to return the parrot yet keep the cage.


Where is King Arthur when you need him?

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