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Fraser Anning is probably the most talked about Politician in Australia. He is controversial. Hated – in some cases Despised. He is ridiculed for having been elected because of 19 votes.

Well, whoever those 19 people were or are, you created a man who has turned Australian Politics on its head , twisted it and almost wrung it’s neck.

Is he a man who is saying what some of us think but are too afraid to say?

Without those 19 people, I would not be witnessing the biggest shakedown in Australian Politics since Pauline left the deep fryer on, stopped cooking fish and chips and started cooking Australian Politics instead.

Fraser Anning is an outspoken man from the bush. He calls a spade a spade and not a little digging thing. He speaks his mind and stands his ground. In my mind, that makes him an Aussie, through and through.

Love him or hate him, you have to admire his guts.

His temerity. His courage. He is not backward in coming forward. He says what he means and means what he says.

I have met many Fraser Annings in my life. Aussie’s who don’t give a shit what other people think. They say it how they feel it, and bugger the consequences.

Maybe that is the problem?

In today’s Politically Correct World, it is not “ appropriate “ to say what you think or how you feel. You must cloak everything in words that dilute your passion and your belief.

A while ago, a friend of mine was in a Mexican Restaurant in the States. He was served his meal and looked at it… looked up at the waiter and said “ Geez.. is this all I get? Bring me back a meal, not a bloody snack. I I wanted a snack I would have ordered a snack. “

His dining companions were embarrassed at his outlandish behavior. They felt that he should have kept quiet and not made a fuss.

He said “ If I don’t say anything, next time you come here, the serving will be smaller. Someone has to speak out. “

He got a bigger meal.

Disgruntled baby

His fellow diners then quietly said “ well, actually, my meal is a bit small as well. Can I have a bigger portion? “  They got replacements.

By the way, they all became regular patrons of the Restaurant and it ended up moving to bigger premises because it attracted so many customers.

If you don’t speak out; if you sit on your hands, stay silent and accept what you are given, you will get given less and less service, less and less value for your money and less and less chance of getting what you feel you deserve.

My friend was “ offensive”, “ embarrassing “ and “ out of line”.

But he got a bigger meal.

These days, being nice and kind and understanding doesn’t seem to work so well.

The problem is that most of us are too scared to speak out for fear of being picked up by the Thought Police and taken to the Big House.

Is Fraser Anning being the loud and obnoxious diner that we all publically decry yet privately admire?

Is he the voice of the Aussie that we once were but are now afraid to be? Is that why he is considered so dangerous?

Because he is the Voice that they wish would go away?

Because I suspect that “ They “ are more frightened of Fraser Anning than HE is of them.



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