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From poster BK.

President Trump has addressed the UN in New York at least twice. 

He has warned the UN to downsize or lose US funding, to stop interfering in the affairs of member nations and to get back to the original charter scope of activities and get rid of the rest, too many UN Organisations trying to oversee member nation governments.

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President Trump says that he is the President of America and that he is not the President of the World.

But many of us wish he was. Oh, how we wish he was.

President Trump is one of the only Leaders in the world right now who is DOING HIS JOB. And he is the only one not being paid to do it. 

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One ( yes one ) activist made a complaint and Coon Cheese has buckled and will no longer be Coon Cheese. Aboriginal activist Stephen Hagan must be very proud of himself.

He complained that the name “ Coon Cheese “ was Racist so CEO of the parent company has buckled under this pressure and is changing its name.

Go Woke, Go Broke. 

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I have removed the images originally posted. I have only left one of a slaughterman. The rest were too distressing. I am at a loss as to how I originally used the offending images - perhaps I was just so angry?  Monty. 
I have recently read that a High Court ruling that Julia Gillard's ban of Live Export  of Australian animals was unlawful .  It   has been seen by  many farmers and Politians  as marvelous news. It was with much pleasure that the  present Government is not going to appeal the decision .   This will mean that the Australian taxpayer will spend millions of dollars to compensate the  Australian farmers who were unable to send their cattle and sheep off shore to end their days in a living hell.  
I am not a vegetarian  , I enjoy a casserole  and a roast leg of lamb but I draw the line when it comes to condoning animal cruelty  to help line greedy pockets  with the mighty  dollar

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Back in the days of Ancient Rome, around 80,000 people would gather to watch some poor bugger fight for his life against his opponent – normally another man or an animal that was fighting for his or its life. The crowd laughed, cheered and barracked for their favourite with little regards to who or what was fighting the battle.

All they wanted was blood. And a lot of it.

The Colosseum was the home of incredible violence and theatrical drama to entertain and delight the bored masses who lived in luxury, decadence and privilege.

The People of Ancient Rome were bored.

When one section of human life is so lacking in purpose and so privileged that it has no other purpose than to seek the entertainment of slaughter, murder, destruction of others? Then call it what it was and is:


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posted by Viv ForbesViv Forbes has scientific and financial qualifications, experience in government and industry, and a long history of observing and participating in Australian politics.

Aussie Politicians Fight Three Wars at Once -  Australian politicians are trying to maintain their never-ending Climate War on carbon fuels while waging a Lockdown War on the elusive Covid virus and also provoking a Trade War with China, our biggest trading partner.

We cannot afford three hopeless and costly wars at once. One would be too many.

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Ahh, the days when Australia was a Nation of larrakins and bushies. When Steve Irwin and his “ Crikey! “ were a nod to the beauty of the Australia that we grew up in and still hold dear.

I have been heading down Memory Lane a lot these days because it is a laneway that seems a " safe  place ", a happy place and one where things like the Chinese Virus, lockdowns, facemasks, censorship and Political Correctness existed in George Orwell's books or in Communist countries. 

When faced with the choice between Highway to Hell or the familiar terrain of nostalgia, I will choose Memory Lane any day of the week.

So I wonder how many of you fellow Australians realised how well off we were? As the saying goes " you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone " 

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It is with horror I have just read the article about Soros and his support of the NAMBLA group. Up until now I have never heard of it. But it appears the USA and other parts of the world it is a well known name . Then before that I read the article about the poor little lad who had dreadful things done to him by 4 older lads. What is the world coming to. Talk about stamping it out we have to get cracking and do something instead of talking about it.

Our younger generation has gone insane.

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George Soros must truly be the face of all evil.  His personal fortune amassed from manipulating the money market where he says “ I am here to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do. “

One of his philanthropic acts is to fund organisations including Antifa, Black Lives matter and the group known as NAMBLA – the North American Man Boy Love Association.

Yes, you read that right. The organisation that states that  “we should understand and accept paedophiles and it’s just a natural sexual orientation“

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In the far north of idyllic Queensland, home of palm trees, sunshine and sandy beaches, we have a monster on the loose. And it is not a Crocodile or poisonous snake. A killer kangaroo or a mutant spider or a massive canetoad. It is the monster that is child abuse and it must be eradicated. 

After the gang rape of a 5 year old boy, perpetrated by young boys aged between 10 and 13 years of age, there is no way ANY society can accept the abuse. This RAPE is symbolic of the rape of a culture, an Indigenous People who are screaming out for help and our Judicial system and our Governments are not putting on their listening ears.

THIS MUST STOP. NOW. This is not a time for another enquiry, another investigation or another conciliatory chit chat. The abuse must end. NOW.

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Our grip on life can be tenuous, yet we forge through our allotted span, seldom for a moment sparing a thought for how close we are to ‘going off the rails’.  Many souls have a tortured path at some time in their life span ..and it can be debilitating, painful and lonely.

I write as an 86 year old, who has gone through life physically  and relatively unscathed.  Yet I have scars that I would not wish on my worst enemies.   I saw my Mother who endured nearly 19 years of depression that ended with her taking her own life, when I was 38 years old.  My younger son who spent 20 years serving in the RAAF,  shot himself on my daughters farm, when I was 68.

These are the mileposts in life’s path that ‘scar’, that never completely heal. These are sombre reminders of a time when our emotions can be pushed to near breaking point. 

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