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I wrote an article about Mother’s being the boss.

Apparently, Redhead took this to heart and decided that I needed to fix her bloody magic chair.

Some of you will have read about the magic chair that so changed Redhead’s life. Well, today, that magic chair turned into a lightbulb moment.  A bad back, a  magic chair, a birthday party, a bossy 88 year old and a cold and very hard tile floor…..

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As night falls on our freedoms,  we have a narrow window of opportunity to set things right. But the window is closing. Unless and until we get the grownups back in charge, western civilisation is over. Communism will come in, under the guise of Socialism. If that happens, the tantrum throwing leftie luvvies won’t know what has struck them.

The solution lies with getting the " kids " back doing the dishes , letting the adults do their job of running the show yes, it is about Lemon Trees.

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I read with dismay some of the comments made by MSM about the moment that President Trump held a Bible in the early days of the Riots. The image of the President striding out of the White House grounds to stand before an historic church damaged by fire has been condemned by MSM and compared to Saddam and Gaddafi.

The question of his Right to hold this tome has been raised and he has been accused of using it as political prop.

How many of them know the story of Donald Trump's relationship with the Bible?

Here is the story that most of them did not know and probably do not even care about anyway. 

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I am moved to write an article about Indigenous or Black deaths in custody. I worked in the prison system as a female officer in a maximum security prison so I feel I have some right to speak on this topic.

I had quite a number of indigenous inmates under my supervision and care. Yes, I call it care because I did care. As a white, rather small female, I probably should never have worked in a place like that but I thought I could make a difference and I did actually need the money.

So here are my observations from my time working in that prison with prisoners who were indigenous, white, asian and all manner of things in between.

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We have been conned. Apparently, the Virus only affects people at Church, Pubs and Funerals. Birthday parties, schools, restaurants and parks. Beaches and gymnasiums. But it does not affect people throwing bricks, looting, committing arson and bludgeoning people. 

Our State Leaders have shown us that they are impotent cowards who have swindled us, lied to us, cheated us of our incomes, families, beliefs and social structure for a pack of lies. And they are the only losers - not us - because their treachery has exposed them for what they are : spineless con artists with no integrity and no respect for us or themselves.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the lot of them. If, in two weeks time, there is a fresh outbreak of the Virus, they lose. Because they failed in their duty to uphold their own lockdown laws. If, on the other hand, there is no outbreak, they lose. Because they have shown us that this entire economic and social disaster was unnecessary.

No matter what, they are losers. 

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It is my late father’s birthday. He would have been 94. I am one of the old fashioned people who love and loved my Dad . I have no hangups or need for therapy to cope with his behaviour or memory. In fact, I think my parents are and were pretty great people. They gave me life and a life that I cherish each and every day I spend here on this place called Planet Earth.

I went to see Redhead this morning – my Mum - as you readers will know. We looked at photos of my late Dad and cried and sobbed and talked about him. As we always do. Everyday and every week and every year since he passed from this world in to the other.

We talked about “ The Gathering “ that we had when he left us those few short years ago and could not help but say “ We could not have had our gathering today under the Wuflu restrictions. ” We are grateful that we could hug and cuddle and laugh and cry together as a group of people who loved one man: My Dad. Redhead’s husband of 65 years.

Yet this would be banned today and rioters are OK. 

No wonder so many of us are pissed off.

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As people around the world go on the rampage to loot, kill and destroy property, I have to wonder what happened to the basic things like the love of a child for its mother and a love of a mother for her child?

I received an email this morning forwarded to me by Redhead that got me to thinking: have we sunk so low that we call horrible people “ animals “ yet the animal kingdom seems to have stayed true to the love that so many today have lost?

What an insult to our animal kingdom that the word we have chosen to describe those of us who are hateful and evil and cruel -  is " Animal ? " 

The email I received was all about a Koala Bear and it read:

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Every morning I wake up and tentatively hit the links to my favourite News websites and find myself increasingly discouraged at the year that 2020 has become : a crescendo on the Battlefield that has become our Lives.

I click with trepidation and think to myself “ what the hell am I going to learn happened while I was sleeping?

And perhaps that is it in a nutshell. While we were sleeping in our comfortable lives and in our comfortable homes and comfortable communities, there has been a storm brewing and we ignored the tell tale signs – or, at the very least, tried to minimise the horror of that approaching storm.

All around the world, Green leaning Minority Groups bey for our blood and our Governments kow tow to their demands and look after their voices while telling us to remain silent.

Between the United Nations and our over zealous Governments, we appear to be protecting the Rights of the few over those of the many.

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The world has gone mad and there is a coup in America to overthrow President Trump.  In  fact, it is a world wide coup and, like every coup, it is at its crescendo. 

It has been building up for years. Ever since President Trump was elected as The President of The United States of America. 

This is the Alamo and Trump and YOU - yes - YOU are the targets. And ME, yes ME.  All of us are the targets. 

WE are the targets. Nice, normal decent human beings. That my friends is the problem. Or the solution.

They tried Climate Change ....that didn't work. Russian Hoax... that didn't work.  Impeachment.. that didn't work. They tried a Virus... that didn't work. So now it's all in on Riots... their last chance at destroying us.

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As I watch the footage of American cities on fire over something that the rioters have either lost sight of or never cared about in the first place, I feel fear for all of us.

If they win this battle, we are still in danger of losing the war.

These riots are a declaration of Civil War - not by the Law abiding Citizens but of the non Law abiding Citizens.

Call it anarchy, call it Bob... it doesn't matter. But call it for what it is: Civil War.

If America falls to this anarchy, then EVERY Democratic Nation on this planet will fall.

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The riots in Minneapolis have nothing to do with Race: It is about the eradication of OUR CULTURE under the umbrella of that horrible and tainted word : Racism.

As the Minneapolis population either hide behind their doors or roam the streets in search of mayhem and destruction, I am reading that dreaded word “ RACISM “ everywhere.  Apparently the death of George Floyd was a Racially motivated murder and had nothing to do with the fact that the cop accused of his murder was a thug and a complete and utter bastard.

We are living in a CULTURALLY divided World.

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