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Many of you have met Mrs Dodger. 

She is a sneaky little bugger. She has lived with me all my married life and she has the ability to know what I am thinking and what I am feeling and I love her to bits. 

Only lately, she tends to be more sneaky. But I love her and she is my rock. Why do I love her so much? Because she had dementia? No. Because she is my wife.

 Mrs Dodger and I met many years ago. I would love to give you a story about a fairytale but it wasn't like that. We were two young teenagers who happened to meet on the side of the road and I looked at her and she looked at me and we both knew that our lives had changed. 

She smiled and I smiled back. She dropped her purse. I raced up to grab it and I give it back to her. 


Not like today. She would probably think I was about to mug her. 

But I did and she smiled again. I smiled again and we have never been parted since. That was a long time ago. 

Over the past few months, I have shared Mrs Dodger's involvement in my online life. It is something that I have enjoyed. Very much.

The remembrance of how she badgered me and told me off and laughed at me and with me. 

Mrs Dodger was a very clever lady. She helped me through many years of trouble in business and she always told me that I shouldn't worry.

So I didn't.

We fought so many battles together.


I guess we were always on the side of the road and knowing that we had the same opinion. We brought our little Dodgers up the same way.

Our children have grown up to be fine adults and learned, from us, that being on the same side of the road was important.

I suppose that when we choose to cross the road, we choose to walk to the median strip and hope like hell that we are not mown over.  Mrs Dodger and I have never done that. We always stayed safely on our side of the road and never crossed that great divide between what is right and is what is wrong.

People today seem to think that they can cross the road. They can stand on the pedestrian strip that gives them temporary sanctuary.

  I have learned that life does not work out that way. 


I love Mrs Dodger for that. 

Some years ago, Mrs Dodger lost her way. She found herself crossing over the road that turned into a multi-lane highway and could not navigate her way back. She was lost in that median strip between me and what was " over there."

Her dementia voyage was sad for me but much sadder for her. " 


I lost her. I lost her twice. 

She died in April 2021.

When I say I am not sure if she is coming back. I am not sure.

I have been trying to keep her alive. But I was told off for my comments.

Is it that wrong for me to do what I was doing? 

Keeping my wife alive?

Yes, I talked about her and spoke about the meals she cooked. Was that so wrong?

Can we keep the dreams alive please?









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