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When 2015 nominations came on to the calendar, the normal line up of Presidential hopefuls were assembled. To the left, the mob of leftie luvvies headed up by Hillary Clinton. To the right, the line up of Republican aspirants who hoped to topple Ms Clinton from her dynastic and despotic rule of quasi Royalty.

And along came Trump…..

In those days, Ann Coulter was still sane. In 2015, She proudly and emphatically announced that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States of America.

How they laughed! How they hooted and mocked and she sat there, steely faced and stood by her words. Oh, I admired and applauded Ann Coulter that day. I thought to myself “ Lady, you are a strong and clever, clever woman. “

Shame that she has lost that passion, but that is another story....

There was something in that moment, that glorious moment, when I sat here, at my computer, thousands of miles away across the ocean and watched a piece of history. I knew, just KNEW, that we were all on to something.

My heart raced a bit, I took deep breath and thought to myself “ By God, it could happen! “

I had been following all of the Trump news; I started following RSBN and before I knew where I was, I was in Trump and Decency Nirvana.  I was surrounded by internet MAGA Mates; I ordered Trump hats and waited for their arrival in my mail. MAGA became a word, not a bunch of letters.


But you know what the biggest thing was? I felt HOPE.  He wasn’t even running as MY President. He was running for the President of the United States of America – which had long ago become disunited and simply referred to as America. That, in itself, was a troubling change.

I heard people at rallies chanting “USA! “ and it stirred my soul and made me feel optimistic: Could it possibly happen?

On the night of the election, I got on my knees and prayed – so hard and so heartfelt and so abundantly that I cried with the sheer weight of the request I was making of God. Could He grant such a request, when all pointed to defeat?

My wish, your wish, OUR wish, was granted. Donald J Trump WAS the next President of the UNITED States of America.

Tragically, since then, since his inauguration, since his commencement of the biggest challenge of his life – the overhaul of a fractured, disunited States of America, he has fought enemies from without and from within.

May I ask you good Patriots of America, you loyal and good souls, you lovers of God, decency and Apple Pie… may I ask you to vote for and defend this man who has done so much for you and for me?

I know that President Trump says that he is not the President of the World. No, I know that.

But, for this Patriot, living in a small coastal community on the edge of the Coral Sea in Queensland Australia, he IS the President of the World.

I NEED his wisdom, his candour, his Patriotism, his fierce fighting and his passionate determination.


Fight for him, protect him, vote for him and defend him with every fibre of your being.


Because, as the old saying goes, United we stand, divided we fall.

Bring back the UNITED States of America, protect President Trump and remember this:

He has been loyal to you. Please be loyal to him. For all our sakes.

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