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  1. Why is Trump being so cagey and unconcerned about Julian Assange? After all, Assange released the dirt on Hillary and certainly gave a boost to Trump’s chances of the Presidency. Why is he so somehow unconcerned about George Soros? He was instrumental ( and still is ) in the campaign against Trump in 2016. Soros continues with his desire to destroy Trump and all he stands for around the world. Soros is the money behind the campaign that wages battle against Trump every day, yet nothing.

    Why does Trump allow thousands of illegal immigrants to flood across the border (yes, I know that his hands are tied by the left that are there to defeat him ) but why?

    Why has Trump failed to do anything to stop this flood of humanity in to America? Why?

    As a long time and current supporter, I have so many questions in my mind and heart – I need to understand what the hell is going on.


The late great Margaret Thatcher famously said “Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.”

I do hope that Trump is not trying to direct traffic from the traffic island in the hope that one lane will stop. Because it will not.

I am not privy to a plan that is about to play out. I hope and pray it is a plan that we will look at in time to come and say “ wow, never saw that coming. “ or “ Yep, saw that coming. Told you so. “

Either way, it is anyone’s guess right now.

My personal feeling is that there are wheels within wheels and the machinations of Politics are only just clicking in to place. The cogs are being aligned; the adjustments made and the wheels are about to turn.

Assange will have a role to play. And that role will be of catastrophic consequence, depending upon which side of the blanket you sleep.

George Soros

George Soros will be there, but maybe in the bleachers where Hillary, Bill, Barack and John Kerry sit.

Somewhere in the backfield will stand Malcolm Turnbull from Australia and Alexander Downer, along with Theresa May and David Cameron. All hoping like hell that they don’t get hit on the head by the ball that is heading for them right now.

But I reckon there is one hell of a ball coming and Trump will hit it out of the park.

I suspect that Julian Assange has the pitchers mitt and has been kept in reserve, ready to hit the killer blow.


My thought is Trump is and always has been the team manager.

And there is no team without a good manager.

Team America does not have a coach. Hmmm… really?  Who the hell is the coach for Team Trump?

Could it be Don Jr?

I suspect so. 

He is the man in the wings, 



And watch out for him. 

The Coach becomes the Manager.

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